Jumpstart Your Integrated Safety Program and Make Your Organization More Efficient in 2021 and Beyond
Quick Start Integrated Safety Guide 2021
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Safety programs are key to your organization’s successIn fact, fleet owners and operators should consider their safety program to be a top risk reduction tool for their operationNot implemented in the correct way, it can negatively impact every part of your business 

To be effective, it’s important to implement an organization-wide safety strategy – one that protects your employees, your assets and your profit margins. But how do you get started?  Identifying and prioritizing the first steps of your strategy can seem daunting, but there are common actions every company should take when creating a holistic, integrated safety program that enhances operational efficiency, safeguards employees and better serves customers. 

Building an Integrated Safety Program Improves Productivity and Reduces Costs

To start, think about the activities, people and functions that make up your company safety culture. What unique requirements and safety metrics must be addressed for you to reach your company-wide safety goals 

Success starts with establishing your top-level goal. From there, examine the safety record of your operation over time to identify thareas most in need of improvement – and those that will provide the biggest gains toward your ultimate goalArmed with that information, you’re ready to move forward in the implementation process.  

A fully integrated safety program includes training, controls, metrics and activities that range from comprehensive vehicle and asset inspections and proactively monitoring operator behavior to consistent maintenance practices As a manager, the success of your operation depends on you putting a holistic program in place that improves safety and performance in each of these areas – ultimately increasing productivity and reducing costs.  

Download our integrated safety guide and see how you can improve your business’ safety program.

Enhancing Your Safety Program Can Save Lives 

If every commercial vehicle were equipped with an in-cab video-based driver safety system, about 800 lives could be saved each year, and more than 38,000 injuries can be prevented (TruckingInfo: Study Says Video-Based Safety System Could Cut Fatalities). Enhancing your safety program can prevent you from adding to these statistics and can only benefit your organization moving forward. Motor vehicle crashes are often predictable and preventable, and many drivers still often to choose to behave in ways that put themselves and others at risk. Why let this possibly happen when there are ways to coach them properly? 

Add Real-Time Visibility for Optimized Safety and Productivity 

Ensuring your mobile workforce is safe and protected 24/7 is key to protecting your people, your brand and your business. And to do that, you need comprehensive, real-time visibility when your operators are on the job. You’ve got to know when a violation occurs, when maintenance issues are discovered and when risky behaviors happen behind the wheel. So what solutions will deliver the insight you need? It takes an integrated set of tools to get the full safety picture. Implementing solutions such as AI video, driver scorecards, digitized driver inspections, proactive maintenance and optimized routingwill put you charge of your safety results 

When you deploy a comprehensive connected vehicle and asset operations solution, you get everything that you need in a single platform. And with solutions such as AI video, you gain insights with instant alerts, and your drivers get in-cab coaching. Not only can it help prevent accidents and reduce false claims – by providing hard evidence with video on demand when an incident occurs – it gives you the data and context to coach your drivers to success – and update safety policies, when necessary. 

Dashboard AI Video Lane Departure Warning

With connected data, you will have the tools and insight to drive continuous improvement in your safety program, and across your operation. With end-to-end insight across your operation and holistic data-driven perspectives you will be able to extend the life of high-value assets, maximize the productivity of your team, and drive additional profitability and ROI. 

What’s Next? Download the QuickStart Guide to Creating a Proactive Safety Program:

  • Find out how to define your company-wide safety goals
  • Learn the practices and tools needed to implement a solution that delivers real-time visibility when your drivers are on the job
  • Get tips on improving safety metrics with a driver scorecard program and gamification
  • Learn how eliminating paper-based inspection and reporting processes contributes to a safer work environment and reduced operational costs
  • See how connecting your safety and compliance program to other operational processes drives additional ROI
  • Find out how to leverage your connected data to establish metrics and KPIs that safeguard your team and enable you to deliver an even better experience to your customers

Get the quick-start guide today to jumpstart your integrated safety program.


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