Solutions for Enterprise Fleets

IntelliShift’s comprehensive enterprise fleet management system guarantees ROI for large fleets

You face the most complex fleet challenges

The bigger the fleet, the bigger the obstacles.

When you have thousands of vehicles and assets to manage, the stakes are high. And the incredible amounts of data and processes you’re working with are often overwhelming. You’re up against stumbling blocks like:

Unoptimized operations

Inefficiencies in preventable issues like idling, wasted fuel, unnecessary wear and tear, and violations cause huge financial pain across thousands of vehicles.

Analysis paralysis

You’re not sure where to begin with the enormous amounts of data that you’re tracking and analyzing from thousands of vehicles, assets, and people.

Differing stories

What happens if vehicle GPS data is out of sync with fuel card usage at a gas station? Multiple fleet management platforms are giving you conflicting, siloed information about what’s happening across your fleet.

IntelliShift is trusted by established fleets


Streamlined solutions for optimizing large fleets

Cut costs and meet sustainability goals

Making a cost-cutting policy on idling that sticks requires a behavior change from thousands of drivers in the field. Large fleets need automation where real-time alerts and historical reports provide the visibility to scale policy adherence.

IntelliShift helps enterprise fleets eliminate unneeded idling to lower fuel costs, reduce vehicle wear and tear, keep vehicles on the road longer, and meet corporate sustainability goals.


Expedite customer billing and prevent leaked payroll

IntelliShift provides you with visibility that ensures people, vehicles, and equipment are where they’re supposed to be.

Geofences and proactive alerts help you bill customers faster by confirming that employees were in the right location at the right time, with the right equipment, doing the job they were assigned.


Improve safety outcomes and reduce driver turnover

Businesses with driver-positive safety programs have higher employee morale than compliance-focused safety programs.

Intellishift provides innovative solutions for data transparency for drivers and supervisors, helping promote a culture of safety, deeper organizational trust, and higher job satisfaction.


Spot small changes that make a huge impact

When you have hundreds or thousands of vehicles, implementing even a slight improvement across all your vehicles can yield hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.

IntelliShift provides a comprehensive platform that unifies fleet data in a way that is actionable, helping you identify the low-hanging-fruit for cost savings.


Unmatched Customer Experience for Enterprise Fleets

Successful implementations don’t stop at onboarding. We offer a no-risk experience by providing hyper-responsive in-house customer support focused on meeting you where you are and unlocking better fleet outcomes for fleets with thousands of vehicles and assets.

Telematics data helps Sweeping Corp of America with insurance negotiations

“[We are] able to use the telematics data to show our insurance provider, ‘Look, we’re working on this, we’re getting better here.’ If they come back to us and say they want a price increase, we’re able to use that data to actually push back on them.”

– Chris Maka, VP Fleet and Procurement, Sweeping Corp of America

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IntelliShift Integrations

IntelliShift offers third-party integrations that help enterprise fleets optimize productivity, minimize costs, and make better business decisions.


Data-Driven Fleet Operations: Accelerate Revenue Growth with a Safe, Efficient Fleet

Move beyond the limitations of traditional fleet safety management systems. Business success requires a new approach.