Electric Utilities Provider Achieves End-to-End Visibility
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Large Utilities Provider Achieves End-to-End Visibility for Optimized Productivity, Planning & Billing with IntelliShift

“IntelliShift makes us more informed, safer, more efficient and has improved our public image.”

Tom S., Transportation, Equipment and Operations Manager

Before adopting IntelliShift, the utilities provider had little visibility into where their assets were or what they were doing. They were also unable to accurately collect other basic but vital operational data such as mileage. Transportation, Equipment and Operations Manager, Tom S., says the team ultimately chose IntelliShift because it could do what other systems couldn’t — easily integrate with, and pull data, from their multiple enterprise systems.


  1. Unreliable telematics data

  2. Lack of visibility into available resources and asset usage details

  3. Manual data entry into their ERP system


  1. Real-time and historical data they can rely on to inform daily operations, budgetary processes and cradle-to-grave reporting

  2. A connected system that offers visibility for efficient resource planning and streamlined billing

  3. Seamless integration with the existing ERP system for a real-time picture and accurate data

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