Ditch the error-prone paper and up-level to digital inspections to ensure vehicles and equipment are safe to operate.

See what matters. Fleet-wide.

The In the Field app allows you to create custom forms to your exact specifications for your vehicles/equipment, business needs, industry regulations, etc.

Also, create other forms outside of just inspections, like incident and accident reporting with exactly what you want employees to capture.

These templates are pushed to your drivers’/operators’ mobile devices so that they can conduct consistent inspections and you’ll have reliable, standardized data in easy-to-read, centralized reports.

You can see when inspections were missed or even when a vehicle’s inspection failed and was deemed ‘Out of Service’, but the vehicle left the yard anyway. This gives you clarity on who your team needs to coach.

Failed inspections automatically flow into IntelliShift’s Maintenance solution or other maintenance solutions to instantly get the process started for getting the issue fixed. This saves time and reduces errors from one step to the next.

Leverage the Inspect app to for driver ID. When a driver goes to fill out their daily inspection, and selects the vehicle he is driving, it will automatically pair that driver to the vehicle for accurate driver behavior reporting.

Requiring drivers to use the Inspect app to pair themselves to the vehicle or piece of equipment they are operating, helps boost inspections compliance.

Expect exceptional results.

“It used to take each driver 20 to 25 minutes to conduct inspections. Now, it takes 10. That gives them 15 extra minutes per shift to take a call. It also reduces overtime for the team ending its shift because they don’t have to wait as long for the next team to be ready.”


2,600 hours saved

per facility per year by removing the need to file paper inspections.

-Liberty Coca Cola Beverages

Digital inspections are an important part of how the IntelliShift Fleet Intelligence Platform helps businesses establish best-in-class safety programs. Other areas that address fleet safety include:


Unified maintenance and inspection data help you prioritize and execute work, minimize downtime, extend the life of your fleet, and ensure assets are safe to operate.


Having driver/vehicle/equipment locations ensures you know where you most important resources are at all times.


Beyond compliance with federal mandates, ELD reduces the risk of driver fatigue.

See everything in one true platform with next-gen intelligence.

Strong inspection protocols help ensure drivers are safe, vehicles and assets remain in good health – critical to proactive fleet maintenance and overall health.

See how the next-gen platform brings all data points together to deliver exceptional results through highly intuitive dashboards, powerful analytics and true cross-product integration.

Powerful partner integrations.

Insights don’t stop with fleet data. Integrate with critical back-office systems such as payroll, project management, field service, jobsite budgeting, and HR systems to push data and understand how fleet decisions impact the rest of your business.

50+ Integrations with leading technology partners
Open API allows for flexible custom integrations

Backed by a true partner. Focused on your success.

1. Policy and processes

As you create and roll out your fleet policy and documentation, we’ll be available to review and provide feedback based on 20+ years of first- hand experience.

We’ll provide a clear implementation plan that highlights how our technology will fit into your processes, policies and how we’ll train your team to use it.

2. Expert implementation

Our professional implementation team of project managers and installation experts will help you install your hardware.

We’ll help you configure the events you want to measure, integrate existing data and solutions, and set up advanced reporting if desired.

3. Training and best practices

Once installation and configuration is complete, we’ll provide documentation and live training on the use of our technology and the platform.

This will be tailored to different team members, and will also be adapted to fit your documented policies.

4. Measurable results

Our team will help you establish performance benchmarks and KPIs that you’ll need to hit to prove value.

We’ll setup custom dashboards and scorecards to track each branch, manager and driver against those KPIs, and help you provide visibility to those team members.

5. Ongoing support

You’ll have a designated, US-based customer success manager to help you optimize your program and the IntelliShift platform.

We’ll have regular business reviews to evaluate performance and identify which branches need additional support or training.

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