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Automate HOS and DVIR compliance tracking and reporting

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eld compliance solution

Maintain fleet regulatory compliance

IntelliShift offers a full suite of FMCSA DOT compliance features, including meeting the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate to record hours-of-service (HOS) and handling daily driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) safety inspections. Reduce unexpected downtime, improve driver safety, and avoid costly violation fines.


Compliance capabilities


Vehicle inspection and maintenance integration

Automate the flow of data collected from daily inspections (eDVIRs) to create maintenance tickets when servicing is required. Ensure vehicles are safe to drive, significantly reduce breakdowns, and maintain or improve your CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) rating with the FMCSA.


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Save time, avoid omissions, and improve accuracy with a digitized compliance logging and reporting process. Intellishift works with any certified and registered Bluetooth-enabled device, phone, or tablet that meets FMCSA technical specifications. Easily create reports for compliance submissions and DOT audits.


Flexible rule setting and real-time alerts

Tailor Intellishift to meet compliance requirements specific to your industry, state, or serviced geographic region. Define fleet-wide, branch-level or vehicle rule sets. If needed, track state mileage data for the IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement). With real-time monitoring and alerts, quickly identify and respond to compliance violations.

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Why Logbook

Digital inspections drive better outcomes

Customized fleet compliance
Our team will work with you to build and deploy a custom, comprehensive, reliable compliance program to meet local, state, and federal regulations.
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Efficient HOS and DVIR compliance
Automate data collection and spend less time on compliance-related tasks such as logging hours-of-service (HOS) and completing daily DVIRs (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports).
Improved vehicle and driver safety
Alerts on failed eDVIRs automatically funnel into IntelliShift’s Maintenance module.
Informed driver assignments
Managers have access to compliance-related reporting features to easily track and balance driver workloads, automate driver assignments, and forecast and plan future workloads.
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Customer Story
Customer Story

US Ecology Improves Safety and Compliance with IntelliShift

Learn how IntelliShift helped US Ecology streamline their ELD compliance and monitor hours of service.

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Why digitize vehicle compliance?



In the 2021 International Roadcheck, hours-of-service violations accounted for 41.5% of all driver out-of-service violations.

$1,270 per day

DVIR noncompliance can result in civil penalties of up to $1270 per day.

1,844 crashes

FMCSA estimates that ELDs prevent 1,844 crashes annually.
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