Solutions for Utility Fleet Management

Unlock faster response times, more productivity, and better safety outcomes with comprehensive fleet visibility.

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Utility truck fleet management

Utility companies face unique challenges

You need to respond quickly and effectively to emergency situations while keeping your drivers feeling safe and supported. You want to maximize the utilization of your vehicles and assets without wearing them out. You must stay on top of regulations, too — even as they evolve faster than ever.

Fast response times
Response time is critical for utility fleets. But without full visibility into all your field assets and available skilled workforce, it’s difficult to effectively respond to emergency situations and outages.
Staff Monitoring
Driver retention
Safety is one of your main priorities, but your best technicians aren’t hired because they’re good drivers. You can’t afford to lose skilled workers, but you also can’t afford to not address safety.
Cable Truck
Underutilization and downtime
Underutilized assets and PTOs are money out the window, and they destroy ROI. Staying on top of maintenance schedules — as well as the location and usage of all assets — is a hefty job.

Optimize utility fleet performance

Our comprehensive fleet management platform is designed for the fastest time to value and delivers guaranteed ROI. You’ll see real results, like faster response times, better productivity, optimized asset usage, and improved safety outcomes.

Effectively respond to emergencies

IntelliShift combines vehicle telematics and route optimization to deliver the visibility you need into your fleet so you can effectively respond to outages and other emergency situations. Dispatch the right combination of vehicle, equipment and technician to the job as quickly as possible.

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Train your technicians to be safe drivers, fast

Intellishift’s AI Video solutions detect safety-related events, automatically coaching your driver in the moment for real-time corrections and accident prevention. Implement custom driver scorecards and gamification for a driver coaching and safety program that engages your workforce.

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Keep assets and techs in the field

Asset Tracking delivers reliable real-time location and utilization data so you always know what you’re getting out of every asset — down to your accessories and PTOs. When Asset Tracking is combined with digital inspections and fleet maintenance, you’ll avoid unplanned downtime and prolong the lifespan of your assets.

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Manage through a single pane of glass

Intellishift brings your field assets and processes together for complete transparency. Our flexible, open APIs make integration with other systems — such as ERPs and CRMs — a breeze. See and track everything from scheduled jobs and available assets to maintenance needs and customer billing.

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Trusted field services companies of all sizes use IntelliShift
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Intellishift integrations

IntelliShift offers third-party integrations that help field services businesses get more done, save money, and make more informed decisions.

See how we deliver results for utilities fleets

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Customer Story
Customer Story

Large Utilities Provider Achieves End-to-End Visibility

Before adopting IntelliShift, the utilities provider had little visibility into where their assets were or what they were doing. The team ultimately chose IntelliShift because it could do what other systems couldn’t — easily integrate with and pull data from their multiple enterprise systems.

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