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Construction businesses gain full visibility and control over fleet operations and safety, making vehicle and equipment and operator management easier than ever before.
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Understanding Software Options in the Market
Fleet managers are exposed to a number of various fleet management software options in the market. What are those options? And which option is best for your fleet? In summary, today’s fleet management software options break into 3 categories:

Point solutions simplify tasks but lack integration, creating data silos. Multiple solutions mean higher costs and incomplete results. Integrated solutions avoid these issues, ensuring comprehensive problem-solving and efficient operations.

  • Specialize in one thing and typically solve very few of fleet challenges.
  • Require logging into multiple solutions that don’t integrate leaving data silos.
  • Costs more money and effort to accomplish only part what is needed.

Solutions with light integration focus on core features, but options like limited integrations or white-labeled integrations under a single sign-on lead to disjointed experiences. Extra effort is needed for data analysis, hindering fleet insights.

  • Focus on single core offering with additional integrations
  • Occasionally requires an upcharge but always gives unrelated experiences.
  • Always takes more work to make sense of data, and fleet insights are not fully realized.

Single connected platforms integrate your most important fleet management tools and make the process of generating key insights that revolutionize your business easy. IntelliShift integrates AI dash cams, telematics, and more into a unified platform. Developed and supported by one team, it consolidates data, simplifies contracts, and ensures scalability.

  • Includes all the fleet management technology you need.
  • Brings all data to a single dashboard for complete insights.
  • Generates reports quickly, making safety and decision making easier than ever.
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Experienced Fleet Managers Want Fleet Intelligence

Erin Gilchrist, award-winning former fleet director of Safelite AutoGlass with more than 15 years of experience breaks down how integrating data into a fleet intelligence platform will transform your fleet management.

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Implementing a Fully Integrated Fleet Safety Program
Making an impact on fleet safety is critical to saving lives, your company’s brand image, fleet operating costs, and vehicle downtime, but it is challenging getting the right information at the right time to do so. Find a partner in your safety program’s success with IntelliShift’s AI Dash Cams and Fleet Maintenance.

AI Dash Cams Lead to & Proactive Driver Coaching

  • Leverage driver and road facing camera views to get a complete picture of what is happening on the road and in the cab.
  • Set alerts for the exact types of incidents you want to know about for coaching and corrective action.
  • Easily coach drivers 1:1 or in group settings, flagging video status’ to “coached” and noting such on drivers’ profiles.
  • Reduce accidents, improve reputation, and even exonerate drivers.

Digital Inspections & Maintenance

  • Ensure your work trucks and equipment are always safe to operate
  • Catch issues in the field, automatically initiate workflows to resolve issues, and track costs real-time.
  • Understand unplanned maintenance and service types are impacting your bottom line.
  • Schedule and track all planned preventative maintenance (PMs)
Better Controls and Visibility to Cut Costs Across the Board

To maximize how much money you can save your business and keep your jobs under budget, you must optimize how you run your fleet operations. By getting you the right information at the right time to do so, IntelliShift offers you the opportunity to completely digitize your business on one fleet management platform for visibility and control into fuel, labor, insurance, and maintenance costs.

Fuel Management Tools

Fuel Manager utilizes telematics and fuel cards to offer actionable insights, allowing users to monitor and identify issues with drivers, vehicles, or equipment through a comprehensive dashboard. The system also prevents fuel fraud by detecting unauthorized card usage, overcapacity fuel purchases, non-fuel transactions, and sudden fuel losses.

  • Specialize in one thing and typically solve very few of fleet challenges.
  • Require logging into multiple solutions that don’t integrate leaving data silos.
  • Costs more money and effort to accomplish only part what is needed.

Location Based Time Stamps

Streamline your workforce management with a powerful system that not only verifies payroll through a meticulous analysis of timecards and GPS data but also ensures indisputable evidence of service to partners and clients, complete with timestamped GPS reports, signature capture, and detailed work photos.

  • Verify payroll by comparing timecards and GPS data via API into your ERP or from our reports that show you time spent on jobsites and travel time, and when they leave the yard or their home each day.
  • Provide proof of service to your partners and clients with time stamped GPS reports along with signature capture and photos of the work performed to give you indisputable evidence.

Risk-Reducing Tech & Processes

Boost safety and slash at-fault accidents by 85% in the first 6 months with telematics and AI Dash Cams. Ensure daily inspections, streamline maintenance, and fortify against loss and theft with alert notifications for unauthorized access and geofence breaches.

  • Show improved driver safety scores using telematics and AI Dash Cams.
  • See major decreases in at-fault accidents, as high as 85% in the first 6 months.
  • Ensure vehicles and equipment are safe to operate with daily inspections and better maintenance processes.
  • Protect your fleet from loss and theft by receiving alerts on unauthorized access and geofence breaches.
Always Know Find Your Vehicles and Equipment

Having many vehicles and pieces of heavy equipment in the field and on multiple jobsites at once means it is difficult and inefficient to track location and utilization. Imagine that you can see everything on a single map. Using both IntelliShift telematics devices and OEM telematics together for a wholistic view.

  • Leverage the telematics already on your equipment to view them all together on one map

  • Identify opportunities to relocate and use inactive or underutilized assets
  • Quickly view engine hours, hours in service, time on site to help with job costing and optimizing your daily operations
  • Easily identify PTO hours.
  • Distinguish idling with PTO on or off.
  • Simplify maintenance, billing, and more
Powerful Construction Management Integration Partnerships

We know how important it is that your field operations data be connected to your business management data. We have established integrations with other technologies you use that help drive accountability, efficiency, and safety. We can pull data into the IntelliShift platform or push data into your software of choice.

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We also have open APIs to push IntelliShift data to your software of choice.

Providing Construction Fleets A Single Connected Platform

Learn how IntelliShift’s fleet management software combines Telematics, AI Dash Cams, Inspections, Compliance, and Maintenance to power fleet insights without data silos.