Construction Fleet Management

Streamline construction operations, maximize efficient usage of fleet assets, and increase profit margins — all from a single integrated platform.

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Construction site fleet management

Construction operations face complex challenges

From high-value production equipment to support equipment, you’re dealing with an overwhelming amount of fleet and field data that’s coming from a lot of different sources — OEMs, dash cams, FMCSA apps, satellite devices, PTO monitors, fuel and inspection apps, paper time cards, and more.

You want to streamline all this data into a single platform that gives you total visibility of your vehicles and assets, but instead you’re up against obstacles like:

Too many systems to manage
You’re managing a diverse fleet with a variety of systems, making it laborious to cull and analyze all the data — or gain meaningful insights that would increase operational efficiencies and profitability.
Inability to maximize profit margins
Multiple job sites mean the variables that contribute to maximum profit margins become exponentially more challenging to track. Optimizing the use and scheduling of assets, tightly managing job costs, and watching for issues that negatively impact profitability become Herculean tasks.
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Lack of visibility
From unauthorized equipment use and operator safety issues to theft, vandalism, and unnecessary wear and tear, construction operations are vulnerable on many fronts. Without complete fleet and field transparency, it’s difficult to identify and address these issues.
Trusted construction companies of all sizes use IntelliShift
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Get more from your assets and jobsites


Increase visibility in a single platform

No matter where your vehicles and equipment are, IntelliShift empowers you to manage all your processes — telematics, asset tracking, maintenance, fuel management, video safety, FMCSA compliance logging, inspections, and more — in one simple platform.

Plus, our platform supports both satellite and cellular communications, so you’re never in the dark.

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Stop leaking jobsite and payroll dollars

Proactively keep jobs on budget with reliable location and utilization data that’s coupled with real-time monitoring and alerts. Identify opportunities to relocate and use inactive or underutilized assets. Manage unnecessary costs like fuel slippage, unauthorized vehicle use, compliance violations, and prolonged idling when PTOs are not engaged.

Detailed reports by jobsite help validate invoices and payroll hours, and historical data helps you plan for your next bid.

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Protect your high-value assets

Track location and usage of all your fleet and field assets, including light duty vehicles, heavy duty trucks, and assets such as containers, trailers, light towers, compressors, generators, and specialized equipment with PTOs. Quickly retrieve lost or stolen equipment by receiving alerts on unauthorized access and geofence breaches that may indicate theft, and use asset data to implement preventative maintenance and prolong asset lifespans.

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Connect to OEM telematics

Easily integrate with existing OEM systems — including any OEM with AEMP API implementations — such as Caterpillar, John Deere, and Komatsu. Extend capabilities by integrating with back-office solutions like CRMs and ERPs, as well as applications such as fuel card management.

The IntelliShift team works with you from the start on maximizing capabilities through system integrations.

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“Our maintenance projects bill by the hour, so IntelliShift works as a verification piece if somebody calls about hours worked versus hours billed. We can prove that we’re doing what we say we’re doing.”

-Brian Jans, President, Jans Corporation

IntelliShift integrations

IntelliShift offers third-party integrations that help construction businesses get more done, save money, and make more informed decisions.
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Customer Story
Customer Story

Stavola saves 440 supervisor hours per jobsite

See how IntelliShift helped Stavola save 4 hours per day managing manual time cards and payroll and 440 supervisor hours per jobsite, per year with accurate, connected data.

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