The Single Connected Platform to Drive Fleet Safety and Efficiency for Last-Mile Delivery Businesses

Delivery businesses gain full visibility and control over fleet operations and safety data to make informed decisions every day.
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Understanding Software Options in the Market
Fleet managers are exposed to a number of various fleet management software options in the market. What are those options? And which option is best for your fleet? In summary, today’s fleet management software options break into 3 categories:

Point solutions simplify tasks but lack integration, creating data silos. Multiple solutions mean higher costs and incomplete results. Integrated solutions avoid these issues, ensuring comprehensive problem-solving and efficient operations.

  • Specialize in one thing and typically solve very few of fleet challenges.
  • Require logging into multiple solutions that don’t integrate leaving data silos.
  • Costs more money and effort to accomplish only part what is needed.

Solutions with light integration focus on core features, but options like limited integrations or white-labeled integrations under a single sign-on lead to disjointed experiences. Extra effort is needed for data analysis, hindering fleet insights.

  • Focus on single core offering with additional integrations
  • Occasionally requires an upcharge but always gives unrelated experiences.
  • Always takes more work to make sense of data, and fleet insights are not fully realized.

Single connected platforms integrate your most important fleet management tools and make the process of generating key insights that revolutionize your business easy. IntelliShift integrates AI dash cams, telematics, and more into a unified platform. Developed and supported by one team, it consolidates data, simplifies contracts, and ensures scalability.

  • Includes all the fleet management technology you need.
  • Brings all data to a single dashboard for complete insights.
  • Generates reports quickly, making safety and decision making easier than ever.
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Experienced Fleet Managers Want Fleet Intelligence

Erin Gilchrist, award-winning former fleet director of Safelite AutoGlass with more than 15 years of experience breaks down how integrating data into a fleet intelligence platform will transform your fleet management.

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Implementing a Fully Integrated Fleet Safety Program
Find a partner in your safety program success. Your delivery fleet is focused on reducing accidents, rising insurance costs, and creating a culture of safety throughout the company. You know that making an impact on fleet safety is critical to saving lives, your company’s brand image, fleet operating costs, and vehicle downtime, but it is challenging getting the right information at the right times to do so.

AI Dash Cams Lead to & Proactive Driver Coaching

  • Leverage driver and road facing camera views to get a complete picture of what is happening on the road and in the cab.
  • Set alerts for the exact types of incidents you want to know about for coaching and corrective action.
  • Easily coach drivers 1:1 or in group settings, flagging video status’ to “coached” and noting such on drivers’ profiles.
  • Reduce accidents, improve reputation, and even exonerate drivers.

Digital Inspections & Maintenance

  • Ensure your work trucks and equipment are always safe to operate
  • Catch issues in the field, automatically initiate workflows to resolve issues, and track costs real-time.
  • Understand unplanned maintenance and service types are impacting your bottom line.
  • Schedule and track all planned preventative maintenance (PMs)
Controlling Costs through Fleet Fuel Management

While there is little control over rising fuel costs, you can address how your company uses fuel. Fully integrate your fuel management insights with IntelliShift Fuel Manager to identify fraud, address idle time, find inefficient routes, and maintenance situations that have you burning more than you need to.

  • See fuel purchases with telematics and performance data for full insights
  • Use the dashboard to see which drivers or vehicles are causing issues.
  • Eliminate theft by detecting overt tank capacity fuel purchases, non-fuel purchases, or sudden loss of fuel (fuel siphoning/theft).
  • Validate that assets are at the fueling site during fueling.
  • Leverage IntelliShift telematics to track and proactively correct excessive idle time to reduce fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
Making more deliveries per day

Drivers and trucks are directly correlated to revenue, so the productivity and efficiency of each is imperative to your business. But a dashboard with data insights lead to delivery success with IntelliShift’s Fleet Intelligence.

  • Access an advanced report with a route display showing statistics on average stop and travel times and travel times.
  • Use actionable data to coach drivers on time-based service level agreements (SLAs) and policies in place.
  • Track trending utilization to seasonally right-size the fleet.
  • Improve fleet uptime and lifespan through inspections, maintenance, and AI dash cams.
Maintaining Compliance with Policies and Regulations

Whether it is employee compliance with internal policies or compliance with government requirements, it’s a lot to stay on top of. IntelliShift’s Logbook ELD makes it all easier.

  • Save time, avoid omissions, improve accuracy, and protect your business.
  • Implement processes, programs, technology, and tools for your drivers' safety.
  • Run reports to address compliance requests and DOT audits like IFTA reporting.

Keeping Cargo in Quality Condition

Cargo surprises are frustrating and expensive. IntelliShift’s Sensor Monitoring simplifies FSMA compliance, eliminates spoilage, and minimizes rejected loads.

  • Use real-time alerts and monitoring to know if temperatures go out of range.
  • Add security layers to know where, when, and for how long cargo was with a driver.
  • Monitoring loading and unloading by knowing when doors and gates are open.
  • Leverage AI-based technology to watch for risky behaviors and situations that not only be a safety concern but also damage cargo.

Providing Delivery Fleets A Single Connected Platform

Learn how IntelliShift’s fleet management software combines Telematics, AI Dash Cams, Inspections, Compliance, and Maintenance to power fleet insights without data silos.