Last-Mile Delivery Fleet Management

The IntelliShift platform helps you train new drivers quickly, improve fleet safety, and gain operational visibility that increases your deliveries per day.

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Your drivers and vehicles can make or break your business

In the food and beverage industry, your fleet is at the heart of your business.

Whether it’s accidents or breakdowns, delayed turn times, demanding customers, or driver turnover, you’re facing very real vulnerabilities that impact your business’ bottom line.

Tight delivery windows in tight spaces
Your drivers constantly navigate tricky traffic conditions, inclement weather, and other unexpected delays. Without knowing their challenges, you have no chance of keeping them — or your customers — happy.
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High driver turnover
Maintaining high safety standards when you’re constantly onboarding drivers is both time-consuming and costly. But training new drivers and managing their safety on the road is critical to your business.
Brand vulnerability
With your vehicles on the road, your brand is constantly exposed. The cost of bad driving, accidents, and breakdowns extends to your reputation. Damaged vehicles mean a damaged brand.

The platform you need to increase daily deliveries


Make more deliveries per day

Gain visibility into what happens from the moment a vehicle is loaded until the customer signs off. Access real-time information on vehicle and road conditions, and get alerts to quickly make routing changes while in transit. 

IntelliShift transforms data into actionable insights that can reduce costs like fuel consumption and road tolls, as well as improve turn time factors such as vehicle inspections and idle time.

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Quickly and safely onboard new drivers

IntelliShift employs the latest AI-based technology to proactively monitor the road, vehicles, and drivers. Our solutions deliver real-time feedback for in-the-moment self corrections, so you can confidently onboard new drivers fast. We send you notifications so you can provide additional input as needed, and customizable safety reporting helps you improve training and driver scorecards that reward good driving.

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Proactively protect drivers, goods, and vehicles

Our platform couples telematics with Al dash cams to deliver the information and video that can help you exonerate drivers and see exponential savings.

For another layer of safety, cost management, and brand protection, IntelliShift integrates reefer temperature control to maintain the cold chain.

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Meet customer demands, stay competitive

With improved vehicle and routing capabilities, you’ll more accurately and reliably communicate and meet your delivery windows. You’ll receive the real-time data, historical reports, and actionable insights you need to meet customer demands and beat the competition.

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Trusted companies of all sizes use IntelliShift
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Intellishift integrations

IntelliShift offers third-party integrations that help field services businesses get more done, save money, and make more informed decisions.

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Customer Story
Liberty Coke
Customer Story

Liberty Coca-Cola proactively manages business with the IntelliShift platform

“Customer service is clearly a part of [IntelliShift’s] culture. In a few instances where I knew the requests would be challenging, you exceeded my expectations by providing solutions for me.”

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