Fleet Safety Managers

IntelliShift’s all-in-one platform helps fleet safety managers prevent accidents and limit liability against drivers.

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Safety has never been more important — or more challenging

Safety is your top priority, but it’s likely your biggest hurdle, too. Being at the helm of a fleet of vehicles and assets, and overseeing a mobile workforce that’s on the road, dispersed across remote sites every day, can add complexity — and complications — to a safety manager’s role.

Between implementing new practices, training drivers thoroughly, integrating technology, and mitigating insurance costs, there’s a lot to manage.

People Adoption
Good drivers are hard to retain.
In addition to driver shortages and tricky unions, you’re also up against the challenge of getting buy-in for new technology, policies, and practices. And training drivers quickly has never been easy.
Safety costs are high.
Along with the high costs of commercial vehicle insurance and incidents, you have to contend with driver turnover and the impact that accidents and CSA scores have on your brand reputation.
Your safety program is reactive.
Safety policies and driver training programs still leave you with blind spots. Without preventative, real-time visibility and in-cab coaching, the best you can do is review incidents and causes after they occur.
Fleet safety insights are siloed.
Siloed technology systems with disparate, often conflicting sources of vehicle and driver behavior data are stalling your efforts to effect true cultural changes in your organization.
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Save time, gain better insights, and drive profitability


A true solution for safety and fleet management

With IntelliShift, safety managers don’t have to use disparate point solutions for AI Dash Cams, in-cab alerts and driver coaching, ADAS and collision avoidance, and driver scorecards — everything is in one place.

Better yet, safety is part of a comprehensive fleet management platform. Your vehicle performance data and safety data are always visible, so you can see how safety efforts are impacting the entire operation.

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AI-powered safety prevents incidents in real time

Detect and correct vehicle and driver behaviors that are likely to lead to incidents before they occur with AI Dash Cams and in-cab driver coaching.

AI Dash Cams are configured to detect the behaviors and events most important to your fleet’s safety, and they enable in-cab alerts that help drivers stay alert and correct behaviors on the fly.

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AI Video-CardView

Train new and existing drivers quickly

The IntelliShift safety platform includes advanced driver scorecards, which can be customized and weighted according to your fleet’s needs. Incorporate AI Video data into driver scorecards and safety reporting for an even deeper real-time look into safety performance. 

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Operators Scorecard Dashboard

Get visibility into safety trends and insights

Easily visualize your data and access critical actionable insights with IntelliShift’s comprehensive platform. 

Go from labor-intensive reporting to automated and up-to-date reporting that saves you hours every week. Insights are available to your entire team in real time, making your whole business faster, safer, and more agile.

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Lynch decreases speeding and accidents with IntelliShift

“Our instances of speeding, and accidents in most of our fleet, [have] gone from dozens down to single cases, and very minor. The drivers know the assets are being monitored, and there’s no pushback.”

-Kevin J. Murphy, Safety Manager, J.H Lynch & Sons, Inc.

How does investing in safety management deliver ROI?


Rear-end collisions


Unsafe following distance


Speeding violations


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