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Intellishift offers a single, simple-to-use platform without data silos for safety and operations teams.

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Reduce harsh driving incidents by 9x*

Customers who implement the IntelliShift platform with integrated AI dash cams realize a 9X reduction in harsh driving incidents, including speeding, hard braking and rapid acceleration; all key contributors to high fleet costs and accidents. 

The IntelliShift platform is designed to unlock the insights you need now to quickly improve asset performance, boost driver safety, reduce fuel costs, and keep vehicles on the road. And we guarantee a positive ROI.

*Based on a 30-day study of 8,054 vehicles measuring data on hard braking, harsh turning, rapid acceleration and speeding.

Serving America’s largest field operations
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Tackle fleet management complexity with streamlined solutions — not more complexity.

IntelliShift provides in-house solutions designed to help you meet all your daily fleet goals.

  • AI Video & Safety
  • Telematics
  • Fleet Analytics
  • Fleet & Equipment Health

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Reduce accidents, injuries, and financial liability with powerful in-cab video and safety management software that fosters better driving behavior and mitigates risk.

AI Dash Cams > Operator Safety Management >


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Get an up-to-the-minute view of all your assets in the field for better operational decision-making with vehicle telematics, GPS tracking, and sensors.

Vehicle Telematics > Asset Tracking > Sensors >


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Transform telematics and fleet data into operational intelligence to make faster, better-informed decisions.

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Digitize inspections and maintenance processes to meet DOT requirements and avoid unnecessary fines or unexpected downtime.

Fleet Maintenance > Inspections > Compliance >

Case Studies

Immediate fleet safety ROI

Integrated AI Dash Cams and Vehicle Telematics solve real driver safety issues for our customers:


Decrease in rear end collisions


Decrease in speeding violations


Of accidents caused by distracted driving
Why IntelliShift

Why IntelliShift?

For too long, mediocre solutions with limited implementation and support have been the norm in fleet management. 99% of our clients convert from another provider, so we understand the negative experiences you’ve had, and we’re here to show you another way.

Here’s what sets IntelliShift apart:

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We have deep industry expertise

With 20+ years of successful deployments and partnerships across industries and fleet sizes, we provide customers with a blueprint to success. We stand you up with an intuitive platform that helps you solve today’s problems quickly so you can plan for the future and grow your business.

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We’re a partner in profitability, not just a provider.

At IntelliShift, we combine our premium products with unrivaled support through onboarding, implementation, and ongoing customer success. We’ll guide you through digital transformation quickly and efficiently, so you can achieve maximum ROI as quickly as possible — and we won’t stop until you’re successful.


You need an integrated platform

IntelliShift is the only solution that combines premium telematics, AI video safety, fleet maintenance and compliance into one system that’s built in house, from hardware to software. That means you get more reliable data, better-connected processes, and fewer tools to manage.

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