Connecting Vehicle and Asset Operations

AI-powered business intelligence to drive your operations forward

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Combine the Best of Telematics with AI Video Safety in One Solution

Streamline your technology with the smart solution for all-in-one Telematics + AI Video Safety: Protect and coach your drivers with HD video, AI and proactive incident detection.

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We surveyed a group of 227 customers to better understand what companies are achieving with modern “connected vehicle and asset management” technologies appsbetting. Read our inaugural report to learn what businesses like yours had to say.

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A unified, cloud-based platform to predict and optimize business performance.

A trusted partner to enterprises, IntelliShift offers an unmatched customer experience, uniting people, processes and data to transform large fleet and equipment-driven operations.

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IntelliShift Platform

Solutions configured to your enterprise operations

The IntelliShift platform is powered by an open API, predictive analytics, machine learning and AI to intelligently connect and optimize the many components of your vehicle and asset operations. Our modular solutions include:

Vehicles and Assets

  • Silent Passenger Telematics 
  • Asset Tracking 
  • Vehicle Service 

Safety & Compliance

  • AI Video *new* 
  • Inspect  
  • Operator Safety Management 

Operations Intelligence

  • Operations IQ *new* 
  • Fleet IQ 
  • API  

The IntelliShift Effect

We offer the industry an alternative to today’s out-of-the-box telematics solutions.

Unite your people, processes, vehicles and equipment

IntelliShift is the end-to-end configurable platform you need to replace the siloed, out-of-the-box telematics, maintenance and safety solutions you navigate today.


Better visibility across your enterprise operations

IntelliShift provides end-to-end visibility across the organization, eliminating silos and delivering increased productivity, improved safety metrics and a reduced cost per asset.


Customer experience at the center

IntelliShift breaks the status quo through an unmatched customer experience. As a trusted partner, we work closely to ensure a seamless deployment, integrate with your existing solutions and define success outcomes for increased productivity, improved safety metrics and an overall reduction in costs per asset. 


20 years of IoT and telematics expertise

As a division of VTS, IntelliShift is backed by nearly 20 years of IoT and telematics expertise, powering smarter, in-the-moment decision-making required for today’s most complex enterprise operations.

New to IntelliShift

Introducing AI Video and Operations IQ


AI Video

Backed by machine learning and predictive analytics, AI Video allows ongoing coaching to operators, which ultimately prevents accidents, and ensures accuracy and fairness in the determination of accident liability.


Operations IQ

This powerful analytics and data visualization tool allows you to gain a complete picture of your operation using your combined data including telematics, fuel, safety, vehicle service, inspections, hours of service and video telematics.

We’re proud to partner with some of the largest operations in America:

“Customer service is clearly a part of your culture. In a few instances where I knew the requests would be challenging, you exceeded expectations by providing solutions for me.”

- Gary Williams, Manager, Logistics Solutions
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