Solutions for Fleet Maintenance

Extend the life of your vehicles and equipment with fleet maintenance software as part of an all-in-one platform.

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Maintenance made easy, without data silos

Your vehicle and your driver are telling you things. Multiply that across the whole fleet of vehicles and equipment, and it can be challenging to sort out which issues and service tasks need attention now, next, or later.

IntelliShift Fleet Maintenance breaks down silos between daily inspections, telematics, and service to accelerate communications from the field to the shop. Unified maintenance and inspection data help you prioritize and execute work, extending the life of your fleet.

How It Works


Automate your fleet maintenance workflows in a single platform

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  • Capture issues
  • Execute tasks
  • Know everything

Connect the field to the shop

Trigger alerts and issues with digital inspections

Failed inspections and the issues they uncover will automatically appear in the maintenance plan for the vehicle in question. With the Inspect and Fleet Maintenance modules connected, issues push to the platform automatically.

Learn about Inspect >

Automate service tasks based on DTCs and Telematics

No more manually updating odometer or DTC readings. Fleet Maintenance integrates with IntelliShift telematics hardware and 3rd party OEM telematics. Data is updated in real time, saving effort and reducing errors.

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Simplify fleet maintenance service tasks

Create work orders for internal & external shops

Consolidate master work orders with multiple tasks into a single job, minimizing visits to the shop and maximizing vehicle productivity. Easily assign work orders to internal or external vendors.

Manage vendors & purchase orders

Configure your preferred manufacturers or parts vendors to streamline purchase orders, save time on repetitive orders, auto-generate PO numbers, and improve order accuracy.

Control just-in-time inventory

Closely monitor inventory levels of commonly used parts, like brake pads, wipers, fluids, filters, or anything that gets changed frequently. Never run out of parts or order more than you need.

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Gain a full picture of your fleet maintenance program

Understand your maintenance program at a glance.

A consolidated maintenance dashboard helps you easily digest the real-time status of service, issues, and work orders. Spot maintenance expense outliers instantly and understand your maintenance cost-per-mile.

Real-time status and detailed history of every asset.

Get visibility into granular details on individual assets, including all outstanding issues, inspections, upcoming service schedules, and historical reports.


Preventative maintenance made simple

Maintain vehicles and equipment
IntelliShift Fleet Maintenance supports any type of vehicle, asset, or equipment and offers a consolidated view that allows for better visibility and more effective planning.
Vehicle Alert
Catch issues earlier
Catch issues before they become serious: Mechanics and shop techs get real-time visibility into the most pressing maintenance issues in the field, and can proactively address them in priority order.
Gear Maintenance
Reduce service frequency
Fleet Maintenance provides the visibility you need to consolidate upcoming maintenance services so you can reduce the number of service visits and time off the road.
Vendor Shop
Support internal and external vendors
Many fleets outsource maintenance services, others bring them in-house. IntelliShift adapts to your company’s needs, helping define workflows for internal and external maintenance resources.


Mixed fleet support
Manage everything that needs maintenance in one place.
Work Order
Work orders
Streamline communications to the shop.
Purchase Orders
Purchase orders
Easily buy from your preferred vendors.
Parts - Brakes
Parts inventory
Manage the essentials in-house.
Inspections integration
Quickly uncover issues in the field.
Telematics integration
Automate odometer and diagnostic readings.
Avoid unexpected and costly breakdowns
“We’re now able to deal with something like a DTC alert before the issue increases and the vehicle has to go unexpectedly out of service. We’ve been able to connect everything together to increase productivity.”

-EMS Operations Manager, Large New York Emergency Service

Why invest in a fleet maintenance solution?


Our customers reduced fleet maintenance costs by 35%.


Vehicles in preventive maintenance programs experience 20% fewer downtime days.


Used work truck prices increased 31.9% in 2021.

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