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What Factors Into Fleet Intelligence Software Pricing?

Fleet Size
We service fleets as small as 10 up to thousands of assets and offer volume discounts to larger fleets.
Agreement Length
We offer flexible contract terms ranging from 36-60 months and provide lower monthly rates for longer contract terms.
Modules & Add-Ons
Modules allow you to add features to your solution to meet your business needs today and grow into whatever comes next.

Why Buy Fleet Management Software From IntelliShift?

Consolidate Your Fleet Management Solutions
Get better results when your fleet solution is fully integrated with no data silos.
Customer-First Fleet Solutions​
IntelliShift’s modular approach means you buy only the solutions you need to solve the challenges you are facing today.
Co-Terminus Agreements
We can set up your contract to end on the same end date for your convenience. As you grow and add devices, they can be added to your existing agreement.
Lock-in Predictability
You get a discounted rate for longer-term agreements which not only equates to savings today, but also makes budgeting easier in the future.