Solutions for Owners of Growing Fleets

IntelliShift’s all-in-one, get-more-done platform for is perfect for operations managers with growing fleets

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Your fleet is your livelihood

You can’t afford to deal with the challenges of legacy telematics solutions. IntelliShift’s easy-to-use fleet and safety management software empowers fleet owners and operations managers to achieve better outcomes, faster.

We know your fleet’s growing pains

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Lack of visibility

Your vehicles are your business. Without visibility into your assets’ status, location, and activity, you can’t monitor driver behavior, vehicle performance, or minimize the risk to your bottom line.

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Poor customer support

Every minute of downtime impacts your bottom line, but legacy telematics solutions are known for poor implementations — and even worse customer support when something goes wrong.

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Not enough time or help

Fleet managers wear many hats. Dealing with workforce turnover, multiple logins, and old paper processes leaves little or no time for tracking and improving fleet performance.

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Lean budgets

You don’t have the budget to easily absorb unexpected fleet costs that can range from unplanned vehicle maintenance to accident liability and insurance payouts from unsafe driving.

Trusted partner to growing fleets

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Achieve better outcomes in less time

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Meet your needs, without over-buying

All-in-one does not mean all-at-once — IntelliShift’s modular solution meets you where you are to fit the needs of your growing small fleet.

Streamline vehicle telematics, driver safety, fuel management, fleet maintenance, and compliance within one modular platform that’s built to help you scale, save time, and improve your bottom line.

Avoid financial pain from unsafe driving

It only takes one incident to derail your business. With IntelliShift’s suite of proactive maintenance and safety management solutions, you can prevent accidents, injuries, and liability.

Reduce vehicle wear and tear with digital inspection and fleet maintenance apps, and protect your drivers and avoid costly insurance payouts with AI-powered dash cams, in-cab coaching, and driver scorecards.

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Be in every vehicle at once

Be in the driver’s seat at a moment’s notice: With features like AI Dash Cams, Vehicle Telematics, Fuel Management, and more, IntelliShift helps managers of growing fleets ensure that assets are where they’re supposed to be, that they’re being operated properly, and that the business isn’t incurring unnecessary fuel and idling expenses.

IntelliShift’s reliable and easy-to-use solution offers complete fleet visibility — delivering peace of mind that the revenue-generating side of your business is operating safely and efficiently, and that your brand name is secure.

Get a blueprint for growth and continued support

IntelliShift offers dedicated customer support and an onboarding blueprint that’s based on 25 years in the industry working with fleets of every shape and size. We’ll implement the technology and reporting you need now, and continue to scale our solution with your growth. We don’t stop until you’re successful.

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See how IntelliShift can make your day easier


stavola case study

Large Utilities Provider Achieves End-to-End Visibility

Before adopting IntelliShift, the utilities provider had little visibility into where their assets were or what they were doing. The team ultimately chose IntelliShift because it could do what other systems couldn’t — easily integrate with and pull data from their multiple enterprise systems.


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