Solutions for Growing Fleets

IntelliShift has the fleet and safety insights you need to get more done and scale your business

When you’re growing a small fleet, every detail counts

Without the resources available to larger fleets, you’re dealing with more than a full-time job. You can’t be everywhere at once, and you can’t afford to deal with these challenges:

One accident can derail your business.

Your business depends on your vehicles and drivers. With insurance costs and driver turnover at an all-time high, just one incident can be catastrophic for your growing fleet.

Not enough hours in the day.

When you’re dealing with multiple platforms and logins, making quick decisions and optimizations across your fleet is basically impossible.

No context for poor performance.

When costs are rising or performance is falling, you need context fast. But without the right systems and the time to sift through fleet data, that visibility is hard to come by.

Poor customer support

Growing fleets need a partner, not a provider. And most telematics providers treat you like an afterthought, with ship-and-forget installations and even worse customer support.

IntelliShift is trusted by thousands of growing fleets


Let us be your fleet manager

See all your fleet tools in one screen

The IntelliShift platform provides all the modules you need in one screen, including telematics, asset tracking, AI dash cams and safety, fleet maintenance, fuel management, digital inspections, and more.


Be in every vehicle at once

With IntelliShift’s AI Dash Cams and advanced telematics, you can be in every vehicle, with every driver at once. Real-time location and vehicle performance data plus proactive in-cab video provide the visibility and context you need to feel confident that your resources are being operated the right way.

Prevent accidents and insurance claims

Both AI Dash Cams and in-cab driver coaching are designed to detect and proactively alert drivers to dangerous situations in real time. Driver scorecards help your drivers continuously improve while also giving you the visibility you need to proactively coach those who need help the most.

You can’t afford not to invest in preventative safety measures. But don’t worry — our safety solutions come with a guaranteed ROI.


Get insights you can use — not data

IntelliShift’s fleet solutions come with dedicated onboarding blueprints for success. No matter what modules you choose to begin with, we’ll get you upfitted fast, with solutions that work out of the box and are designed to hand-deliver the insights you need to see results quickly.

Our customer success team will continue to work with you to optimize and scale your solution with ROI in mind.


See how we can help you scale

Large healthcare provider saves time with IntelliShift’s all-in-one platform

“The thing we love about IntelliShift is [that] everything is in one platform, and when we’re looking at data, that’s key for us. To have different data in all different spots, and to spend the man hours to take that data and cull it together and get the information, would be counterproductive to having this solution.”

C.W. Schwalbe, Operations Manager


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