Vehicle Telematics

IntelliShift offers one comprehensive solution for complete visibility into your vehicle and asset performance

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Telematics Solutions

High-performance connected assets and GPS tracking solutions for fleets of all sizes

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  • Vehicle Telematics
  • Asset Tracking
  • Sensor Monitoring
  • ELD Compliance

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Experience better visibility with the most configurable fleet telematics solution on the market. Easily adapt vehicle location and performance data to the needs of different users across your fleet.

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Our solution provides real-time, accurate location and utilization data for all your powered and non-powered assets and equipment. Optimize your equipment utilization and protect your business against theft.

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Receive real-time data from more than 50 digital and physical sensor points, including driver IDs, fuel utilization, reefer status, seat belts, and more.

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Fulfill your Hours of Service and DVIR requirements with an integrated ELD Logbook that connects with driver and vehicle performance data for maximum accuracy and accessibility.

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GPS tracking provides needed visibility for Stavola
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“I can’t have equipment lagging. I need it to be where the GPS says it is instead of actually being 15 miles down the street.”

— Joe Torrente, Director of Transportation, Stavola

Monitor fleet health and performance with accurate vehicle and asset data

More data drives better decision-making.

Connect all your vehicles and assets with one easy-to-use fleet management solution. IntelliShift offers gateways and sensors that provide you with accurate data on asset location, performance, utilization, diagnostics, and more.

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See the most flexible telematics solution in action

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Telematics Demo Video

Telematics Demo Video

An Essential Component of Fleet intelligence

In this video we’ll dive into IntelliShift’s telematics solution. An essential component our advanced fleet intelligence platform and crafted meticulously for small and large scale operations.