Onboarding and Installation

Get up and running quickly with the solutions and configurations you need
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Experience growth without the growing pains

99% of our clients convert from another provider, so we understand the negative experiences you’ve had with bad implementations, poor customer support, and low adoption. At IntelliShift, we do things differently. Our onboarding, integrations and installation blueprint is informed by more than 25 years of company history and 50 years of project management experience. We get your new solutions and configurations up and running faster and more completely so you can start achieving ROI right away.

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In-house installation experts

Precise data calibration

Precise data calibration

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API and OEM integrations

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User configuration and testing

White glove onboarding

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The other tools I was looking at, they kind of had a set platform. It was ‘what you see is what you get. Your IT team can digest it and you can figure it out’. From IntelliShift, I got more ‘You tell us what you need and let us see how we can help you digest it.’



Your onboarding blueprint

As soon as you sign, we get to work to ensure your custom instance is up and running as quickly as possible and with minimal impact to your operations. Here’s how it works:

dedicated project planning

1. Project initiation and planning

Our team works with your team to define your business goals and design the onboarding blueprint best suited to your unique fleet. Your team will get an online project management portal that provides visibility into onboarding steps and timelines, and access to real-time status updates.

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2. Professional installation

IntelliShift installation and deployment professionals are available to complete and oversee on-site installation, ensure a successful launch, activate all post-launch features, and assist with the setup of alerts and action items for all the features you implement. Our team will continue to monitor and adjust your instance post-installation to ensure proper user configuration and accurate data.
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3. Process integration

With resources all over North America, we work to integrate with your existing solutions to ensure your fleet is ready to go. Our team will also oversee the successful integration with mission-critical APIs and OEMs to ensure a more complete solution for your operation.
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4. Professional project management

From initiation to your official launch, your onboarding experience will be fully managed by a project management expert with industry-specific experience and a deep understanding of your business.
role based training

5. Role-based training

We provide a training program tailored to your specific business needs and use cases, as well as the user roles defined in your instance. This training model is furnished throughout the life of the partnership to ensure optimal user adoption and program success.

An onboarding success story

Anne McNeil, Environmental Program Manager for the East Region at US Ecology, discusses how easy IntelliShift made the installation and implementation process.
Onboarding is just the first step
Our ongoing customer success experience, IntelliShift Momentum, helps you meet and exceed your goals and continually get more out of your fleet.