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IntelliShift transforms the status quo through an unmatched customer experience; uniting your people, processes and technology to transform fleet operations.

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< 90 days

Fleets typically installed in 90 days or less.


98% customer retention rate

100+ years

100+ years combined customer success experience

IntelliShift is Different

That’s why we offer free conversion to the IntelliShift platform for organizations that understand the future of their business is directly tied to the speed, agility, and efficiency of their operations.

Professional Onboarding

Our tailored onboarding program is free of charge for all our enterprise customers, and is designed to be transparent, hands-on and hassle free.

Customer Success

Momentum is how our Customer Success organization guides you through your digital transformation quickly and efficiently while ensuring an optimal ROI.

The Telematics Industry is Broken

Painful, inefficient implementations

With other providers, onboarding is a lengthy process with little transparency, frequent delays, and poor communication and training.

Slow time to value

Out-of-the-box telematics providers are only around to put out fires, when they should be working with you as a partner to achieve measurable success outcomes.

Doesn't scale with your business

With other providers, poor onboarding processes and lack of strategic partnership limit your ability to scale and uncover new business opportunities. As your operation grows, your technology should as well.

What does better look like?

It’s not enough to provide customers with great technology. We’re committed to guiding you through your digital transformation to ensure you’re achieving optimal ROI for your investment.

A full team of technical support experts at your service

Our team, available to assist you during your business hours, helps ensure you have access to timely responses to your product needs, helping you drive more efficiency from our solution.


Better onboarding = faster time to value

The onboarding process is rooted in nearly 20 years of IoT and telematics expertise. This, combined with a dedicated project management resource and in-house installation team, complemented by our national network of installers, means a seamless integration and faster time to value than any other solution in market.


Customer success defined by measurable business outcomes

As a customer-first organization, we enable our clients to drive change with a prescriptive, iterative approach to customer success that generates immediate returns. From onboarding through renewal, our partnership is driven by measurable success outcomes.

What our customers say about our service

“Customer service is clearly a part of your culture. In a few instances where I knew the requests would be challenging, you exceeded my expectations by providing solutions for me.”

- Gary Williams, Liberty Coca-Cola

“I sit on probably 50 or 60 of these annual reviews every year and I have to say this is one of the best ones I sat in on. So I just want to thank everybody for their participation on the IntelliShift side as well as US ecology side. This was excellent.”

- Pam Alberta, US Ecology
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