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Derive insights and value from your fleet and operations datasets fast with Operations & Fleet IQ

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Maximize the value of your operational data

When you’re a fleet operations leader with hundreds — or even thousands — of vehicles and assets in your fleet, the complexity of your siloed data can be daunting.

With IntelliShift Operations IQ and Fleet IQ, your data is transformed into actionable insights that will drive higher efficiency and increase day-to-day productivity. 

Why Fleet Analytics

Turn fleet data into better business outcomes

Turn data into action
You don’t need more IoT data; you need to do more with your IoT data. Visualize the fleet data most important to your operation with Fleet IQ. Simple out-of-the-box reporting and custom-built dashboards empower better, faster decision-making.
Unify previously siloed operational data
Combine large datasets from across your operation, like vehicle performance with safety data, or asset utilization with fleet maintenance data.
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Easily customize and share dashboards
Fleet IQ dashboards are intuitive and easy to build for multiple stakeholders and use cases. Tailor and share reports for executives and owners, and build separate dashboards for day-to-day users and branch managers.
See how optimizations impact your business
Fleet IQ and Operations IQ are built to visualize large datasets over longer periods of time, so you can understand yearly trends and how specific program optimizations have impacted your operation.
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“We use the data to drive conversations and show drivers where and how they can make improvements.”

-Tom S., Transportation, Equipment, and Operations Manager for an electric utilities provider

Ops and Fleet IQ capabilities


Intuitive drag-and-drop report builder

You don’t need an analytics background to use our tools. Simply drag and drop more than 50 different widgets and dimensions into our report builder for easy-to-digest metrics, tables, and charts — all customized based on your needs.


Leverage pre-built dashboards

Lean on our reporting blueprints built on years of successful deployments and deep knowledge of common use cases. Fleet IQ and Operations IQ include 10 pre-built dashboards that provide immediate insights on asset utilization, diagnostics, fuel usage, speed, safety, and more.


Up to a year of historical data

IntelliShift empowers visualizations with more historical data than most providers. Get critical context for operational performance for up to a year’s worth of data in one visualization, and access data from up to three years in the past.


Third-party data integrations

Insights don’t stop with fleet data. Integrate with critical back-office systems such as payroll, project management, field service, jobsite budgeting, and HR systems to push data and understand how fleet decisions impact the rest of your business.

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See what advanced fleet analytics can do for you

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Customer Story

IntelliShift helped Bimbo Bakeries drive product enhancements through separate fleet manager and executive dashboards that provided tailored reports for different audiences. In partnership with Bimbo, IntelliShift also developed free text tags that can be allocated to a specific operator or asset, and used for filtering dashboard data.

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