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Tie your fuel transactions to the rest of your vehicle data with IntelliShift. We partner and integrate with some of the biggest players in the fuel and fleet management space.

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Fuel efficiency
View your full transaction history and leverage telematics to uncover optimization opportunities.
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Fuel theft
Identify erroneous transactions and eliminate fuel slippage.
Reduced costs
Track fuel consumption trends over time to keep costs down.
Car IQ Pay
Car IQ Pay is a payment platform for fleets that connects directly to merchants using your telematics system, no more physical credit cards needed.Car IQ Pay creates a frictionless experience for drivers, protects against fraud, and eliminates tedious back-office reconciliation for fleet managers. With Car IQ Pay, you can get rid of your plastic cards: no more lost or stolen cards, forgotten PIN codes etc. The digital payment experience is fully secure and eliminates many common fraud scenarios e.g., skimming or friendly fraud.
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Comdata is a leader and innovator in commercial payment solutions. But not for just any business. Like you, we’ve chosen a uniquely essential and life-impacting industry to call our own: Trucking. As proud industry supporters for over 50 years, we exist to serve the doers, grinders, pathfinders, and road warriors who keep America running. 
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FLEETCOR is not only at the forefront of technology – we’re shaping the future of business payments with innovative products, sophisticated automation, and secure processing. We give businesses a better way to pay.
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Fuelman® simplifies fuel expense management for fleet and drivers. Track, manage and control fuel expenses across multiple vehicles and drivers with Fuelman fuel cards.
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EFS helps freight carriers unlock the value behind payments, so you can focus on making your business the best it can be. EFS fuel cards set the standard for security and control, with add-on solutions to improve efficiency and performance based on your exact needs.
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WEX fuel cards and fleet management solutions give you powerful tools to reduce spending — for any business, any fleet, any size.
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