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Comdata is a leader and innovator in commercial payment solutions. But not for just any business. Like you, we’ve chosen a uniquely essential and life-impacting industry to call our own: Trucking. As proud industry supporters for over 50 years, we exist to serve the doers, grinders, pathfinders, and road warriors who keep America running.

What does our integration do?

Through our integration, IntellliShift pulls in fuel card transaction data each night.

By integrating IntelliShift operational data and Comdata fuel purchase data, clients gain insight to help them better understand fuel consumption patterns and manage fuel spend. Users can combine IntelliShift data such as vehicle location, mileage, and idling time with Comdata fuel spend data to access reports and insights that inform vehicle purchases, increase job costing accuracy, detect fuel slippage, and use fuel efficiency benchmarks to identify areas for improvement.

How do I enable this integration?

If you’re not a current IntelliShift customer, request a meeting with our sales team at the link below.

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