Asset Tracking

Maximize the value of your powered and non-powered assets with IntelliShift’s Asset Tracking Software.

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Better asset utilization begins with the best data

IntelliShift’s Asset Tracking Software provides the insights you need to operate at maximum efficiency.

No matter the makeup of your assets, IntelliShift Asset Tracking Software offers a central insights hub that provides a look at all your equipment KPIs — including location, activity, health, and performance. You’ll receive accurate data in real time so that you can deploy resources with confidence and increase the profitability of your assets.


How Asset Tracking Drives Positive Outcomes

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Get real-time location.

IntelliShift tracks any powered or non-powered asset, large or small, to offer the most reliable real-time GPS location data and enable faster and smarter allocation of your assets.

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Eliminate unnecessary leases and rentals.

Utilization reporting shows how, when, and where your assets are being used. Get the right equipment where it’s needed most.

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Protect investments in the field.

With location monitoring, geofences, and custom alerts, you can track and retrieve lost or stolen equipment and protect your assets.

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Boost asset lifespan.

Up-to-the-minute data on asset utilization provides insight into how hard you’re using your equipment, empowering you to schedule preventive maintenance before issues arise.

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“Cameras are good to prove some things, but they’re not good at finding evidence of who did it and where they are. IntelliShift Asset Tracking did exactly what we wanted it to do.”


Advanced Asset Tracking capabilities

Multi-map-view Assets

Configurable map views

View critical asset details at a glance. Custom map views allow you to see specific information at several levels of detail, and you can sort by regions, states, or job sites all in one screen.

Geofencing and job site visibility

Use geofences to overlay an asset’s location on top of active job sites or regions, and trigger alerts as soon as the asset moves away from that site. Geofences help you track assets and automate actions based on how your field operations are structured.

Geofence Work Site Assets
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Any asset, any power source

IntelliShift gateways support assets in a mixed fleet, regardless of size, power source, or purpose. This includes both solar and satellite powered tracking. If it’s valuable to your business, you can track its whereabouts and utilization details.

Fuel and maintenance records

Get critical utilization details such as maintenance history and fuel consumption records as you hover over each asset in the field. These details offer insight into when an asset is being overused or is overdue for service.

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Anti-Theft Alert Asset Tracking

Anti-theft alerts

Program automatic alerts to know exactly when an asset is moved unexpectedly or operated away from a job site — keeping your assets secure and easily retrievable when other job site security measures fail.

See Asset Tracking in action

US Ecology recovers all types of assets with Asset Tracking

“The tracking devices themselves have helped us recover assets that have been stolen, from one state to another, or even within the same states. It’s been wonderful to be able to pull location up. From a pick up truck to yellow iron, ATVs and off road equipment, we even have the devices on our boats.”

-Pam Alberta, Director of Purchasing, US Ecology

OEM Integrations

Enhance the visibility of your assets and equipment with direct, fast integrations. Now offering satellite and solar powered asset tracking devices.

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Why invest in an asset tracking solution?


Supply chain risk events involve the theft of a heavy motor vehicle.

Pieces of heavy equipment stolen in the US every week.


Increase in cost per mile to move assets off a job site for repairs.


8 Signs You Need to Invest in Asset Tracking

Learn the telltale signs that your business could benefit from Asset Tracking.


8 signs you need asset tracking

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