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IntelliShift’s comprehensive GPS fleet management platform generates guaranteed ROI.

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Your fleet is your livelihood

You need a true end-to-end solution designed to scale for hundreds or thousands of vehicles.

Intellishift’s GPS fleet management platform does it all, saving you time, providing more reliable insights, and delivering bottom-line results.

IntelliShift solves the headaches of managing disparate fleet point solutions

Most managers of enterprise fleets wear many hats — and those hats can cause a lot of headaches.

You’re not only in charge of managing numerous systems for telematics, safety, inspections, maintenance, and compliance; it’s also your job to manage vendor relationships. And when something goes wrong, it’s your responsibility to contact support to get issues resolved.

Pain points we solve include:

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Different systems tell different stories.

When disparate, disconnected systems are providing contradictory information, how do you know which dataset to trust?

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Overwhelming amounts of data.

The struggle today isn’t in having the data, but in handling the overwhelming amounts of data from various systems.

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New issues emerge as you scale.

Having a holistic view of your entire mobile operation is a necessity to drive efficiency, safety, and profitability.

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Save time, gain better insights, and drive profitability

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Discover a true end-to-end solution for fleet managers

With IntelliShift, fleet managers don’t have to use disparate point solutions for safety, inspections, GPS, maintenance, compliance, and more to accomplish everything they need — nor do they need to suffer through features developed as an afterthought. Our platform is both comprehensive and modular, and adapts to your business requirements.

One point of contact for hyper-responsive support

Fleet managers save hours on managing different vendors for point solutions, and get dedicated, 24/7 customer support.

Our philosophy is unifying people, processes, and data, so with fewer tools to manage, you get more reliable data, better-connected processes, and the best support experience in the fleet management industry.

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Maximize your fleet’s efficiency

Unified data provides insights that help fleet managers control costs, improve safety, and ramp up productivity, enabling you to get maximum output from minimum input.

A safer and more efficient fleet is a more sustainable fleet. Whether it’s cutting fuel costs, planning maintenance, or reducing harsh driving, IntelliShift helps you get more out of your fleet.

Optimize vehicle and asset utilization

Our powerful platform with digestible data helps you improve your fleet management processes, ensuring your vehicles and assets are maximally utilized and your fleet is right-sized.

IntelliShift helps you make big-picture decisions with confidence, like deciding where and when you need to acquire more vehicles and assets, what asset type is needed, or how you could consolidate and liquidate your fleet’s underutilized assets.

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Attain visibility and actionable insights

With a single platform, you can easily visualize your data and access actionable insights that are mission-critical to running your fleet.

Reporting that was once labor-intensive becomes automated and always up-to-date, saving you hours each week. Insights that lagged are now available to your entire team in real-time, making your whole business faster, more responsive, and more agile.

See our solutions in action

Integrations for midsize fleets

Integrations for Fleet Managers

Streamline your operation and connect all the systems you use everyday to manage your fleet in one screen.


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Large Utilities Provider Achieves End-to-End Visibility

Before adopting IntelliShift, the utilities provider had little visibility into where their assets were or what they were doing. The team ultimately chose IntelliShift because it could do what other systems couldn’t — easily integrate with and pull data from their multiple enterprise systems.


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