Digital Solutions to Maximize Fleet Safety and Efficiency
[Podcast] Erin chats all-things digital solutions and safety on Anyline webinar.
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[Podcast] Erin chats all-things digital solutions and safety on Anyline webinar.


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In this episode, Erin Gilchrist Rugg, VP of Fleet Evangelism at IntelliShift, is interviewed by Marc Babin, host of the Auto Tech Show. Additional panelist Chris Garcia from Anyline makes for three industry experts with a deep dive on commercial fleets and YOU get a front row seat. 

Ready to Maximize Safety and Efficiency?

When you collect the right information, it’s easier than ever to build your safety program one step at a time.

Join Erin, Marc, and Chris as they discuss what it means to have data get through the walls of the organization; that is delivering the same clarity to everyone not only to address challenges but celebrate successes. LISTEN NOW and for the following points and more!

  1. Learn how comprehensive fleet oversight makes you a pro at preventing premature or delayed maintenance. Your legal compliance will be on point, and you’ll see your fleet operating with optimal performance.
  2. Hear how using data insights for strategic decisions elevates your fleet management and feeds informed choices that enhance overall fleet efficiency and safety.
  3. Understand how you can address the unique challenges commercial fleet operators face and discover how today’s technology can optimize efficiency.

Get Your Fleet on the Road to Success with The Straight Talk on Fleet

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