Fuel Management

Increase efficiency, fight fraud, reduce fuel costs, and boost ROI with a smarter fuel management system.

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Harsh driving and idling are raising your fuel costs 40%

And gas prices are at a 14-year high. Understanding fuel usage and costs requires more than just transaction data. When you tie fuel card transactions to the rest of your vehicle data with IntelliShift’s Fuel Management solution, you’ll uncover fuel use trends, erroneous purchases, inefficient or dangerous driving patterns, and other fuel usage insights.

Why smarter fuel management is key

Fuel Management helps achieve business outcomes:

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Fuel efficiency
When you see your full transaction history and tie it to telematics, you get a big-picture view of fuel utilization stats like miles per gallon, gallons per hour, and excessive idling — and quickly address areas that need optimizing.
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Alternative fuel insight reports can help you identify what assets are prime candidates to be replaced with an electric or hybrid vehicle based on parameters like daily mileage and stop duration thresholds. These insights will help you save on fuel costs and reduce your carbon footprint.
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Reduced costs
Track fuel consumption trends over time for a deeper understanding of your business decisions and to make course corrections, and create and compare benchmarks for better forecasting.
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Fuel Management capabilities

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Idling scores for drivers

Making a cost-cutting policy on idling that sticks requires a behavior change from drivers in the field. Real-time alerts and historical reports provide the visibility to scale policy adherence, and eliminate unneeded idling to lower fuel costs and meet corporate sustainability goals.


Optimized routing

Prevent fuel waste by reducing the miles and hours your assets are on the road. Optimized routing means vehicles get to jobs and back more cost efficiently, and less fuel is purchased.

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Fuel trends dashboard and centralized reporting

Visualize fuel transaction and utilization trends across your fleet with detailed reporting that provides both week-over-week and month-over-month data on fuel usage. Aggregate multiple fuel card accounts in one place for streamlined viewing and reporting.

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Excessive fuel purchase identification

Get real-time alerts if a driver purchases more fuel than your vehicle can handle by filling up a gas can or engaging in fuel slippage.

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Vehicle not at fuel location

Identify when one of your vehicles is not at the fill-up station to optimize fleet visibility and transparency.


Access to third-party partnerships

We partner and integrate with ANY fuel card provider in the fuel and fleet management space, including Wex and FleetCor.

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Customer Story
Customer Story

Jans Corporation reduces fuel consumption by 50% in first quarter

“We have an alert set that when a vehicle idles for over ten minutes, we can start making phone calls or sending emails out to say, ’Hey, why is your vehicle running this long?”

-Brian Jans, President of Jans Corporation

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