Sensor Monitoring

Increase operational visibility with IntelliShift’s vehicle and asset sensors that meet your unique fleet needs and business goals.

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PTO monitoring for truck boom


Unlock a complete view of your assets

Augment Vehicle Telematics and Asset Tracking data for a more detailed and holistic picture of your fleet and field operations. Add sensor technology to your fleet for visibility into every aspect of your vehicle, asset, and equipment performance. Access real-time and historical sensor data to further drive operational efficiencies.


How Sensors Drive Value

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Optimize asset productivity

Attach sensors to critical equipment and vehicle mechanisms to view data on usage, analyze fuel consumption, and better manage the overall health of your job sites and fleet.

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Add security layers

Leverage existing corporate ID badges or key fobs to increase security and to keep track of when, where, and for how long an operator utilized a particular vehicle or asset.

temperature control monitoring

Maintain product integrity

Monitor, control and record temperature during the transport of goods that need refrigeration to reduce the risk of costly load losses due to poor door handling and temperature fluctuations.

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Increase asset lifespan

Proactively track heavy equipment usage and identify issues to inform preventive maintenance schedules and vehicle service, reducing downtime and increasing the useful life.

Learn about customized sensor reporting

IoT Sensor Hub capabilities

PTO accessory monitoring for construction equipment

Monitor Power Take-Off (PTO) usage

Monitoring PTO usage helps with job tracking, verification, operator accountability, and accurate billing. Access detailed information on when an operational attachment, accessory, or auxiliary component has been engaged or disengaged — everything from seat belts, plows, and booms to pumps, sweepers, and sirens. Identify underutilized and over-extended assets to improve your fleet’s overall efficiency.

Maintain precise temperature control

Easily monitor and control the ambient temperature of up to four different zones with highly sensitive add-on temperature control sensors for refrigerator (reefer) or other compartment management. Add sensors to monitor hinged or roll-up doors, and tap into additional sensor data to understand why temperature may be fluctuating.

reefer temperature monitoring
cypress solutions driver id integration

Add secure access to field assets

Gain full visibility into operator access and asset usage, as well as facilitate accurate time-of-use reporting. IntelliShift offers the option to install our standard ID sensor module or work with existing RFID media, like badges and key fobs. With the latter, a secure single-ID access and authentication solution can be used from offices and other buildings down to every asset in the field.

Leverage an AI-based safety solution

AI Dash Cams use cutting-edge sensor technology to monitor the road, cab, and drivers for risky behaviors and situations. G-force and seatbelt sensors monitor for added context around whether a vehicle is being driven safely. Real-time alerts inform you when a vehicle is at risk, so you can avoid costly accidents.

ai video driver and road facing dash cams
flexible map view in telematics

Access all IoT sensor data in one place

Sensor data flows through the IntelliShift IoT hub in each vehicle or asset to a single secure cloud platform. Access vehicle telematics, asset tracking, and sensor information from the all-in-one fleet dashboard customized to your KPIs. View performance at-a-glance, dive into details, and tap predictive analytics to further drive operational efficiencies.

reefer monitoring on food delivery truck

Sensor monitoring features

driver rfid reader

Driver ID badge reader

Use corporate issued credentials out in the field

one wire driver id

One-wire driver ID reader

Add secure access and control to any asset
seat belt monitoring

Seat belt monitoring

Confirm drivers are following basic safety protocols while operating vehicles
ai video safety

AI safety sensors

Monitor road and driver for risk defined events
boom sensor monitoring

Boom sensors

Monitor when, where and for how long truck booms are engaged
play sensor monitoring

Plow sensors

Monitor when, where and for how long truck plows are engaged
tow truck accessory monitoring

Tow truck engaged

Monitor when, where and for how long a tow truck winch is engaged
dump truck pto monitoring

PTO engagement

Monitor any PTO to optimize utilization and better manage costs
lights and siren power monitoring


Make sure sirens are engaged when needed and appropriate
door monitoring

Door monitoring

Ensure cargo is secure and temperature control is not impacted
temperature control monitoring

Temperature control

Precisely monitor temperature to maintain sensitive cargo integrity
reefer monitoring

Reefer monitoring

Add temperature control to monitor reefers or any other compartment