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IntelliShift offers comprehensive fleet solutions for operational excellence

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Solve your biggest operational challenges

IntelliShift is the connected operations platform purpose-built for fleet-driven businesses. Operational excellence is in our DNA.

IntelliShift’s fleet and safety management solutions help fleet operations managers address pain points like:


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Technology that doesn’t meet your needs

Operational excellence is an impossible goal if your technology isn’t helping you with the heavy lifting that your business needs. To increase the flow of value to your customers, your fleet system needs to get the right insights to the right employees at the right time, so they can continuously improve.
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Data silos and disjointed teams

Too often, different departments have diverging goals and disparate point solutions, creating data silos and a disjointed tech stack. You need a singular, comprehensive fleet solution that meets the needs of all your teams, unifies data, and supports you in meeting your stakeholder needs.

We’re proud to serve fleets of all sizes

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Lead your industry with our industry-leading solutions

Our all-in-one fleet management platform is designed for the fastest time to value, delivering guaranteed ROI for operations leaders.

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Boost departmental coordination and effectiveness

Our platform doesn’t just help individual departments achieve their goals. It also improves cross-functional alignment across your entire organization — from drivers, supervisors, fleet managers, and safety leaders to maintenance teams and finance departments.

Align technology with your big-picture goals

IntelliShift unifies people, processes, and data in an all-in-one fleet and safety management platform. Our solution integrates data from every aspect of your operations and transforms it into easily digestible and informed decision-making.

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Fleet safety results with a fast, guaranteed ROI

Maximize your fleet safety ROI with AI Dash Cams and safety management tools that retain drivers, reduce risky behaviors, and deploy in half the time of other solutions. Achieve payback in less than a year with reduced accidents and insurance premiums.

Partner for success and eliminate risk

You can’t achieve operational alignment without a solutions partner that understands your needs and goals, and how your business works — including an understanding of your customers and their expectations.

IntelliShift Customer Success provides the assurance that you’re investing in a solution that carries zero risk, and that will rapidly deliver the results and ROI we promise.

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Integrations for midsize fleets

IntelliShift Integrations

IntelliShift offers third-party integrations that help operational leaders get more done, save money, and make more informed decisions.

See our solutions for operations leaders


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Stavola saves 440 supervisor hours per jobsite with accurate, connected data

See how a fully connected operation helps Stavola achieve operational efficiency and savings.


Resources for realizing better safety outcomes

Solutions for your entire team