Solutions for Midsize Fleets

Gain fleet, safety, and operational efficiencies from one platform designed to help fleets with hundreds of vehicle

You need better fleet management

Whether you have a hundred or a thousand vehicles in your fleet, continuing to scale is difficult — especially when your data, systems, and processes are siloed. You need to see the big picture, and you need customized support, but your vendors don’t prioritize you, and efficiency is slipping.

Lack of business-wide visibility

Your company has grown — but so has your fleet tech stack. Patching information together for a complete picture of operational health is nearly impossible, especially with siloed systems.

Growth roadblocks

The inability to customize, scale, and integrate disparate fleet systems is stifling growth. Lackluster support from multiple vendors prevents you from fixing issues and streamlining processes.

IntelliShift is trusted by established fleets


Comprehensive fleet management solutions that fuel scalability

Manage everything in one place

Experience cost-efficiency and streamlined processes by moving your entire team to a single platform. From routing, tracking, and scheduling to fuel management, inspections, maintenance, and driver safety, IntelliShift provides visibility across every aspect of your fleet operations.

And because our platform is built with scalability in mind, it’s easily customized to your unique business needs, even as they change.


Invest in fleet safety that pays for itself

Level up your fleet safety program by deploying the latest AI-based video technology: IntelliShift offers real-time road, vehicle, and driver monitoring that features alerts to coach better driving and proactively avoid costly accidents.

We guarantee payback in six months or less.


Get insights that unlock new efficiencies

Combine previously siloed data into easy-to-use templated dashboards, and use configurable drag-and-drop reporting to get the insights you need to scale.

Get valuable hours back into your day with less time reporting and more time making smarter business decisions that impact your bottom line.


Gain an experienced fleet operations partner

IntelliShift has helped thousands of midsize businesses grow. From onboarding to ongoing support, our experienced Customer Success team focuses on executing established blueprints that deliver the outcomes important to your business.

We offer 24/7 U.S.-based support for troubleshooting and answering questions.

See how IntelliShift delivers deep insights

“The [ability] to know where a machine is…and the expected time of arrival — it’s priceless. It’s fantastic. Work in the past where we’d have to have three or four machines, we can now more efficiently schedule our machines, and we can tackle jobs.”

Integrations & Partnerships

IntelliShift offers third-party integrations that help midsize fleets optimize productivity, minimize costs, and make better business decisions.


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