Transportation Management Software

Connect your accurate vehicle location and performance data to your backend trucking and load management processes. 

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Consistent asset tracking

Sync asset lists and between systems for consistency in reporting and tracking.

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Better load and shipment management

Get better visibility of your fleet location and performance for more effective load management.

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Easier fleet compliance

Pass Hours of Service data from IntelliShift to your TMS for streamlined payroll and compliance reporting

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TMW Suite

Trimble’s enterprise level Transportation Management solution (or TMS) product is backed by decades of experience in the transportation industry, so we know exactly what it takes to decrease deadhead and fuel costs, increase driver retention, and reduce manual and redundant data entry. Use our suite of tools to empower your business through a detailed analytics dashboard with all your must-know and good-to-know data plus communication tools that will help you consistently increase operational efficiency at every level.
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3Gtms, LLC is a leading provider of cloud-based end-to-end transportation management software (TMS) for omnichannel shipping for shippers, e-commerce companies, 3PLs and freight brokers. Our solutions include 3G-TM, our multi-modal transportation planning, optimization, execution and settlement system; and Pacejet, our advanced multi-carrier shipping execution software.
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Slash your trucking company’s admin work in half to get paid faster, keep happier drivers and file fuel reports with a push of the button, all while cutting the stress of running your business. Axon Software is the ONLY trucking company software that is totally integrated in real-time, meaning that information entered anywhere in the system automatically and instantly updates your dispatch, billing, driver pay, fuel management, fleet maintenance and accounting with a single entry.
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Prophesy Trucking Dispatch Software makes Fleet Management easy. Prophesy Dispatch software is the central solution for managing every part of your growing trucking or truck brokerage operation. You will never have to enter data twice, as all of your critical information flows in real time throughout every part of business.
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DISPATCH-MATE allows to locate drivers, trucks, equipment and verify trip statuses in REAL TIME! DISPATCH-MATE handles everything from dispatching to invoicing. It includes settlements, scheduling, and administration all the while interfacing with most other software essential to the industry such as accounting, mileage, fuel cards, wireless driver communication.

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