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TMW Suite

Trimble’s enterprise level Transportation Management solution (or TMS) product is backed by decades of experience in the transportation industry, so we know exactly what it takes to decrease deadhead and fuel costs, increase driver retention, and reduce manual and redundant data entry. Use our suite of tools to empower your business through a detailed analytics dashboard with all your must-know and good-to-know data plus communication tools that will help you consistently increase operational efficiency at every level.

What does our integration do?


IntelliShift’s integration with TMW Suite allows Transportation companies to transfer vehicle location, performance, and compliance data between the two platforms.  

IntelliShift can send both position reports and Hours of Service data to TMW Suite. The integration facilitates two-way synchronization of asset lists between the two platforms. 

This integration allows customers to streamline inefficiencies that come from having to manage two independent systems. Mutual customers can easily manage loads or shipments with better visibility and decision-making.


How do I enable this integration?


If you are not a customer and are interested in learning more about this integration, please contact sales at the link below. 

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