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All our integrations and partners that help fleets solve unique and specialized challenges and manage their operation more effectively and securely.

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ESRI has been in the Americas region for more than 45 years. Locally owned ESRI software companies in almost every country and one dedicated Service & Support Center are advancing ArcGIS, one of the world’s most powerful mapping and analytics Geospatial software in Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean.
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Cypress Integration Solutions
Cypress Integration Solutions is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of electronic security products and technologies. Cypress specializes in unique and secure communication solutions for physical and logical access control. Since 1983 Cypress has been the industry leader in providing wired and wireless solutions to connect virtually any access control and security manufacturers’ hardware.
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BusWhere aims to bring wireless, omniscient technological magic to the otherwise uncertain experience of waiting for buses or being responsible for ensuring their smooth operation.
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Data-Basics (SAMPro)
SAMPro Enterprise by Data-Basics allows firms that need field service software and construction software the ability to automate and streamline both in one complete ERP package, all while reducing costs and increasing revenue.
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