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Data-Basics (SAMPro)

SAMPro Enterprise by Data-Basics allows firms that need field service software and construction software the ability to automate and streamline both in one complete ERP package, all while reducing costs and increasing revenue.
Integration Overview
Learn about the features and functionality of the Data-Basics / IntelliShift integration.


Payroll Verification

Learn about the features and functionality of the Data-Basics / IntelliShift integration.

Stress-Free Dispatching

In dispatch board, easily cross reference available technicians and vehicles with current work orders, organize routes and schedules, and track job progress.

Visual Historical Route View

Improve route verification with more accurate historical route views.

Dedicated Hardware for DB Fleet

Nothing will be as accurate and reliable as when DBFleet is combined with dedicated hardware provided by IntelliShift.

What does our integration do?

The IntelliShift integration with SAMPro Enterprise Field Service Software by Data-Basics® delivers the context and visibility you need to improve field service business operations.

Data from IntelliShift is pulled into your SAMPro system for use with DBFleet. This integration provides a consolidated view of scheduled work orders and vehicle data. Easily access technician, job, and asset details, as well as in-depth reports and analytics.

How does it work?

IntelliShift’s integration with SAMPro’s DBFleet software enables users to see the real-time location of vehicles in relation to scheduled SAMPro work orders, enhancing the ability to efficiently assign technicians and reduce travel time.

DBFleet combines IntelliShift’s route data with SAM-Pro’s work order status changes and reported payroll, providing the ability to verify the accuracy of work order payroll information in relation to the actual movement of vehicles.

The integration highlights variances between reported payroll time and vehicle movement time on work orders, giving SAMPro users an easy way to manage discrepancies. DBFleet also combines work order details and GPS data on travel and stop reports for easy historical reference to what actually happened on a work order.

How do I enable this integration?

If you are already an IntelliShift customer, please reach out to your customer success manager or contact us here if you’re interested in learning more.

If you’re not a current IntelliShift customer, request a meeting with our sales team at the link below.

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