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Cypress Integration Solutions is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of electronic security products and technologies. Cypress specializes in unique and secure communication solutions for physical and logical access control. Since 1983 Cypress has been the industry leader in providing wired and wireless solutions to connect virtually any access control and security manufacturers’ hardware.

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What does our integration do?

For any fleet-driven organization in a regulated industry, it is crucial to maintain security, safety and compliance standards while also optimizing field productivity and process efficiency. An integrated solution that combines tools for fleet management with enterprise network and productivity for the field workforce has become table stakes for many highly regulated organizations. Even more ideal is a single authentication and access control system with ID tokens that work across the entire organization, both in offices and facilities as well as mobile assets out in the field.

To meet these needs, IntelliShift has partnered with Cypress, a leading provider of physical access control, RFID and data collection solutions. This frictionless “bring your own media” system enables an enterprise organization to leverage its current access control database and existing credentials to identify drivers and track fleet operations for end-to-end visibility from offices and buildings to out in the field.

Benefits of our integration:

  • Easily protect field assets and maintain enterprise-grade security 
  • Satisfy personnel and asset tracking policy and compliance requirements 
  • Avoid the complications and cost of deploying and managing a secondary system 
  • Improve fleet management and field operations capabilities with data-driven insights

How it works:

The in-cab IntelliShift IoT gateway establishes a highly secure connection to the enterprise cloud infrastructure, so powerful end-to-end fleet and safety management capabilities become possible. When an operator uses an existing badge, ID card or key fob to access systems on the vehicle, a code from the operator’s HID or other credential is obtained. The code is used with the enterprise’s personnel databases to securely identify the operator and grant access as appropriate. This allows a company to extend enterprise identity and access control to the edge of mobile field and asset operations.

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