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BusWhere aims to bring wireless, omniscient technological magic to the otherwise uncertain experience of waiting for buses or being responsible for ensuring their smooth operation.

How BusWhere works:

For Schools – Watch the bus from your mobile phone with notifications Communicate with parents quickly & easily Improve safety and security with driver behavior tracking 

For Shuttles – Track multiple buses on a route Provide accurate ETAs even on campus roads or parking lots Set up routes in minutes with drag and drop route creation 

For Conferences – Provide real-time bus location and ETAs to riders Improve staff communication Custom per-event branding No app required 

How our integration works:

BusWhere’s integration pulls vehicle location data from IntelliShift every 10 seconds. This is a custom-built integration that leverages the IntelliShift Connect API. 

Using the integration, BusWhere provides customers with accurate, real-time location so that they know exactly when their bus will arrive. The BusWhere application helps transit and school bus users stay informed. 

How do I get started?

If you are not a customer and are interested in learning more about this integration, please contact sales at the link below. 

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