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DISPATCH-MATE allows to locate drivers, trucks, equipment and verify trip statuses in REAL TIME! DISPATCH-MATE handles everything from dispatching to invoicing. It includes settlements, scheduling, and administration all the while interfacing with most other software essential to the industry such as accounting, mileage, fuel cards, wireless driver communication.

What does our integration do?

IntelliShift’s integration with Dispatch-Mate allows trucking companies to transfer vehicle position, performance, utilization and compliance data between the two platforms. IntelliShift can send both position reports and Hours of Service data to their platform. The integration facilitates two-way synchronization of asset lists between the two platforms.

This integration also allows customers to streamline inefficiencies that come from having to manage two independent systems.

How do I enable the integration?

If you are already an IntelliShift and Dispatch-Mate customer, contact your customer success manager to discuss the integration.

If you are not a current IntelliShift customer, click the link below to set up a meeting with our sales team?

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