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Car IQ

Car IQ has created a payment solution for fleets that eliminates the need for credit cards and enables all vehicles to connect to merchants and transact securely and autonomously. Car IQ’s payment solution, Car IQ Pay, is aimed at reducing fraud and risk for fleets and participating merchants.

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What does Car IQ do?


Car IQ has created a better way for fleets to pay for fuel:

  •  Now fleet vehicles have the power to pay for goods and services without the need to use a credit card.
  •  Tired of credit cards? With Car IQ, vehicles connect to the fuel pump and pay. Just pull into the station, select the pump number, and let the vehicle take it from there.
  •  It’s easy to get started – simply connect your fleet, set expenditure rules, and choose preferred merchants. Then sit back and let the vehicle do the rest.
  •  Monitor your fleet spending in real-time with our flexible reporting. Seamlessly download reports to your preferred program for simple integration into your workflow. Save time and reduce fraud when you let the vehicle pay.


Other details on how Car IQ works with telematics providers:

  • Car IQ Pay integrates with existing telematics devices and is cloud-based; no hardware or equipment to install
  • Vehicle data is tied directly to the transaction
  • Real-time transaction data is used to automatically create or update vehicle ledger creating a vehicle P&L to understand and track vehicle spend patters


Want to learn more about Car IQ?


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