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Car IQ Pay

Car IQ Pay is a payment platform for fleets that connects directly to merchants using your telematics system, no more physical credit cards needed.Car IQ Pay creates a frictionless experience for drivers, protects against fraud, and eliminates tedious back-office reconciliation for fleet managers.

With Car IQ Pay, you can get rid of your plastic cards: no more lost or stolen cards, forgotten PIN codes etc. The digital payment experience is fully secure and eliminates many common fraud scenarios e.g., skimming or friendly fraud.

What does Car IQ do?

  •    Replaces traditional fleet cards with a digital solution
  •    Uses telematics data to validate and secure payments
  •    Requires no additional hardware in the vehicle
  •    Easy to use payment controls, dashboard, and real-time transaction ledger
  •    Set your own purchase rules to allow vehicle payments

What does our integration do?

Car IQ Pay connects with the Intellishift devices to validate the identity of the vehicle, its location, and fuel levels to enable a secure, automatic payment. No additional hardware or equipment to install.

Vehicle data is tied directly to the transaction to enable fleet managers to understand and track vehicle spend patterns.

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