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Liberty Coca-Cola saves 2,600 hours per facility

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October 23, 2020

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Easy-to-Use Platform and Reliable Data Translates to 93% User Adoption (and Growing)

“Customer service is clearly a part of your culture. In a few instances where I knew the requests would be challenging, you exceeded my expectations by providing solutions for me.”

Gary Williams Manager, Logistics Solutions

Liberty Coke’s telematics troubles created a perfect storm. They needed to find a solution that could help them proactively manage the business based on real-time data instead of rear-view-mirror management. Liberty Coke chose IntelliShift over the incumbent telecommunications company.


  1. Complicated legacy system resulted in low organization-wide platform adoption and inaccurate data

  2. Rigid technology couldn’t be configured to their needs

  3. Poor communication and assistance from existing vendor stalled progress and prevented problem resolution


  1. Increase user adoption with an easy-to-use platform and accurate data

  2. Connect operations within a configurable platform to improve efficiency and lower costs

  3. A responsive, mutually beneficial vendor relationship with world-class customer support


  • 93% user adoption of intellishift
  • 2,600 hours saved per facility per year by removing paper inspections
  • 54% improvement in completion of pre-trip inspections
  • $70,000 in toll savings with real-time geofence alerts