Day & Nite Tackles Driver Distraction with AI Dash Cams
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IntelliShift Team

Rear-End Accidents Reduced by 75% Following AI Dash Cams Installation

Industry: Field Service

The Day & Nite family of companies is a field services organization focused on commercial refrigeration, kitchen, and HVAC services throughout the east coast and has been an IntelliShift customer since 2018. They found success in being able to track fleet vehicles, which brought efficiencies in routing as well as customer satisfaction, leading to the next challenge: reducing rear-end accidents.

“I’m looking at it from a personal perspective; everyone deserves to go home safe. That’s why I’m here – that’s my passion. To make an investment like this to protect our work family as well as our business was a no-brainer. AI dash cameras have reduced our accidents and increased our safety to levels we didn’t think were possible.”

John Glover, Director of Fleet Safety and Delivery Operations at Day & Nite

Without knowing what was truly happening on the roads, it was difficult to coach the team into safer practices and enforce policies. But with these new insights, and using the cameras as a tool, the entire team’s mentality transformed.

Read this case study to learn how IntelliShift helped Day & Nite reduce rear-end accidents, driver distractions, and strengthen their safety program.  

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