Paraco Gas Cuts Accident Rate by More Than Half
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IntelliShift Team

AI Dash Cams and Fleet Intelligence Lead to 53% Reduction in Accidents.

Paraco Gas

Industry: Delivery

Paraco Gas, a prominent propane delivery and service company catering to commercial and residential customers across multiple states, faced common challenges in their fleet management and safety practices: how do they grow their footprint and manage the risk of accidents and logistics that occur with more vehicles on the road? 

“As part of our post-incident safety review, we have begun to require supporting video footage of each incident to give our review team a true sense of the conditions, the driver’s body language, and the factors leading to the incident. This allows us to properly coach that individual driver and determine if process changes and additional coaching is required for everyone operating in our fleet.”

Scott Tucker, Manager of Process, Paraco Gas

Paraco Gas knew this brought into focus the need for increased safety measures. Additionally, it made apparent the impact accidents have on maintaining customer delivery schedules. Left unaddressed, leadership knew lives and rising costs were at risk.

Read this case study to learn how IntelliShift helped Paraco Gas streamline operations and enhance safety to reduce accidents, improve driver behavior, and instill operational excellence.   

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