Jans Corporation Lowers Fuel Costs 50% with IntelliShift
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Jans Corporation Lowers Fuel Cost, Increases Routing Efficiency, and Recovers Stolen Equipment with IntelliShift

Industry: Construction

“Our maintenance projects bill by the hour, so IntelliShift works as a verification piece if somebody calls about hours worked versus hours billed. We can prove that we’re doing what we say we’re doing.”

Brian Jans, President, Jans Corporation

Jans Corp Construction Equipment

Before adopting IntelliShift, Jans Corporation President Brian Jans faced a variety of challenges, including a lack of visibility into unauthorized vehicle use, inability to optimize routing and driver behavior to reduce fuel consumption, and vulnerability of its remote job sites to equipment theft.

While Jans Corporation had implemented a hard-wired legacy GPS system a decade earlier, they had removed it because it was unresponsive and ineffective when it came to providing the insight needed to drive efficiency. “We have projects in the downtown historical district to new developments on the edge of town to projects in the middle of nowhere,” said Jans. “South Dakota is pretty big geographically, so our people can be as far as seven hours away.”

Jans Corporation partnered with IntelliShift to implement telematics on its vehicles and non-powered asset tracking to deter theft and enable asset recovery.


  1. Limited visibility and control over unauthorized company vehicle use and improving route efficiency in travel to job sites

  2. Equipment on job sites was vulnerable to theft when work crews weren’t present

  3. Lack of accountability made it difficult to identify and correct driving behaviors like excessive idling


  1. Implement real-time GPS to better manage vehicle use and optimize routing to improve productivity and reduce fuel spend

  2. Install non-powered asset tracking devices to deter theft and support law enforcement recovery efforts with exact location information

  3. Reduce costs by configuring automated alerts to proactively identify and coach workers when policies are not followed


  • 50% reduction in fuel costs in the first quarter with IntelliShift
  • 30% reduction in miles driven per month
  • Successful recovery of stolen equipment

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