What Does a Fleet’s Tech Stack Have to Do with Safety?
Straight Talk on Fleet Episode 45 [Podcast]
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Straight Talk on Fleet Episode 45 [Podcast]

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In this episode, Erin Gilchrist Rugg, VP of Fleet Evangelism at IntelliShift, speaks with Scott Tucker of Paraco Gas. Two experienced fleet leaders get in the trenches about what’s working (and what’s not) when it comes to building a strong, effective safety program. 

What Does a Fleet’s Tech Stack Have to Do with Safety?

Join Erin and Scott as they discuss how point solutions won’t cut it for a fast and growing fleet. This episode will get you thinking about how you are building for the future with your fleet’s tech stack. 

Takeaway 1: Implementing safety tech in a fleet happens for a few reasons such as insurance companies are requiring or pushing for it; giving credibility to a safety program; and protecting drivers, the general public, and company reputation. 

Takeaway 2: Driver coaching is essential to get the most out of safety tech implementation. While insurance companies pushing for safety tech is a motivator, the real win comes from driver buy-in. Exonerating drivers from false claims and protecting them from being targeted for scams are effective ways to get drivers on board. 

Takeaway 3: Having visibility into the entire fleet on a single connected platform is where true efficiencies are uncovered, and in Paraco Gas’ case has resulted in massive reductions in accidents and smoother multi-state operations. 

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