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Connecting operations and maintenance with digital inspections for an efficient and lean fleet.

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Solution Benefits

Digital transformation of ineffective paper inspections

Inspect is a digital inspection app that streamlines daily inspections and maintenance initiation for vehicles, equipment, job sites, and more.

Increase efficiency and productivity

Safety operations can digitize paper-based inspection processes and bring them online to improve speed and accuracy, and keep more operators and assets running.

Ensure compliance and accountability

Digital processes help you initiate and confirm maintenance work, and save time and effort compiling compliance reporting.

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Maximize health and safety

Configure and standardize safety protocols and get instant alerts when issues are reported so you can take preventative action.

How it Works

How IntelliShift Inspect connects your drivers, operations, and maintenance with digital inspections.


IntelliShift Inspect Capabilities

Fully configurable forms and checklists

Configure electronic inspection report templates with single or multi-point checklists to fit any daily inspection process, as well as local, state and federal compliance requirements like OSHA, MSHA, DOT and FMCSA.


Custom workflows, alerts, rules and proof of completion

Set custom rules, checkpoints and proof-of-inspections requirements for each inspection to ensure accuracy and visibility of every step of your process. Use automated alerts to notify operators and managers in real time when an inspection fails.


Maintenance request initiation

Initiate new work orders at the point of inspection, and capture signatures and photo evidence to ensure completion before use. Removing paperwork ensures issues don’t slip through the cracks.


Digital reporting and compliance dashboards

Get fleet-wide visibility in a configurable dashboard, and make compliance simple with the ability to pull historical reports instantly. View daily inspection reports as soon as they are completed.

Buyer's Checklist: Going from Paper to Digital Inspections

Insist on These 5 things When Going from Paper to Digital Inspections

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In The Field App

Inspect is available for your mobile workforce within IntelliShift’s mobile app, In The Field. Available in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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Use Inspect as a standalone app, or alongside our suite of safety management and compliance solutions.


ELD point solution helping operators accurately track and record mandated hours of service (HOS).

Vehicle Service

Extend vehicle, asset, and equipment life and improve profits with preventative maintenance and remote diagnostics.

Operator Safety Management

Reduce accidents, injury and liability with an innovative driving-behavior management solution.

Talk to a Compliance Expert

Learn how Inspect can reduce downtime and increase operator safety and compliance.

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Logging Pre- & Post-Trip Inspections

Regulations like Federal Law 49 CFR 396.13 or Federal Law 49 CFR 396.11 are designed to keep companies, their workforce and assets safe while ensuring the delivery of goods and services. Yet, these same regulations increase burdens on employees in the field and the office by adding time spent on administrative tasks. 

IntelliShift’s Inspect app can be used across the enterprise to speed up compliance with OSHA or DOT regulations while increasing employee productivity. In the field, operators can use the mobile app to quickly perform both a pre-trip inspection and post-trip inspection to fulfill the driver vehicle and asset inspection report requirements (e.g. an electronic DVIR form). Conversely, site managers can use the electronic inspection report templates to ensure workplace safety measures at jobsites or warehouse facilities by performing a job safety analysis to identify potential hazards. 

In-house safety and compliance directors can easily review data and reports to ensure that compliance and safety standards are continually met. 

IntelliShift Inspect

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IntelliShift Inspect is part of our new In The Field app, available on iOS and Android. Learn more about how IntelliShift Inspect can power your frontline workers today.

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