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Invest in the power of AI dash cams, rich vehicle data, and a consolidated coaching system for better driver and operator safety — and immediate ROI.

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How we deliver unparalleled fleet ROI

Unlike other safety management solutions, we empower our users to prioritize the safety event thresholds that align with their business goals. With the rich data IntelliShift solutions provide, you’ll have more accuracy in real-time for better in-cab coaching, prevent more accidents, protect and retain your drivers, lower insurance premiums and instances of fraud, and see expedient ROI.

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In-cab coaching
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With more than 50 different sensor points and the ability to see the driver’s eyes through sunglasses, our in-cab video yields safer real-time coaching than industry-standard solutions that use less data.

When IntelliShift’s AI dash cams are combined with visibility tools such as robust dashboards and on-demand video segments, fleet managers can understand safety trends over time and determine fault in an accident.

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Operators Scorecard Dashboard

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There is no one-size-fits-all model for safety, and there is no take-it-or-leave-it safety score.

For fleets of all sizes, we tailor driver and operator scorecards to meet business goals, maximize ROI, and manage risk. Drivers have full transparency on their score composition in real-time, which not only improves driver behavior, but also fosters deeper organizational trust.

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We needed to be more proactive, not reactive. After an exhaustive search, committed to finding a transparent, data-driven partner, we found what we were looking for in IntelliShift.

— Joe Kopalek, Vice President, Environment, Health and Safety of UGI Utilities

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Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial

Keeping Drivers Safe with AI Dash Cams

John Ogno from Speedy Oil Recovery shares how IntelliShift has helped improve the safety of their drivers with AI Dash Cams.

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