Operator Safety Management

Reduce accidents, injury, and liability with an innovative driving-behavior and safety management solution.

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Train Your Mobile Workforce to Reduce Risk

IntelliShift’s operator safety point solution seamlessly connects managers with operators to manage, monitor, and coach to ensure best safety practices are in place. Operator behavior monitoring and driver scorecard features are tailored to meet specific safety and business goals.  

Real-Time Event Monitoring

Monitor and pinpoint driver behavior with real-time alerts. Historical trend reports help to analyze behavior ranging from speeding and hard braking to seatbelt usage to unauthorized vehicle use, and more. 

Score Driving Behavior

Configure driver scorecards to manage behaviors that impact your business. Gain fleet-wide insights to benchmark individual operator safety and risk based on speeding, seatbelt usage, hard braking, aggressive turning, and rapid acceleration.

Identify Risky Behaviors

Get real-time visibility into unsafe driving behavior to take corrective actions to eliminate accidents, decrease fuel consumption, and lower insurance costs.  

Improve Operator Safety 

Manage individual driver activity to facilitate effective feedback, customize improvement programs to prevent violationslower insurance costs, and incentivize safe driving.   

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Learn how our Operator Safety Management program and driver scorecards work to effectively manage and meet your safety goals.

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