Introducing AI Video


Introducing AI Video from IntelliShift

For companies managing vehicles, safety is critical. Accidents not only put people at risk, but can cost organizations in legal settlements, loss of asset of use, and brand reputation.

IntellliShift recently introduced AI Video, powered by artificial intelligence and G-force sensors with driver-facing and road-facing cameras to detect immediate hazards and risky behaviors beyond hard braking, rapid acceleration, harsh turning and speeding events.

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Best Practices for Creating an Integrated and Holistic Safety Program

By integrating ADAS with telematics, driver scorecards, inspections and more, AI Video will take your holistic safety program to the next level. Auto and on-demand upload of video clips to the IntelliShift cloud platform enables efficient and effective risk analysis and driver coaching.

Download this guide for an overview of how to take your company-wide safety experience to the next level.


AI Video Capabilities

IntelliShift AI Video is proactive in-cab video solution, delivering a best-in-class company-wide safety experience.  It allows vehicle and operations managers to provide ongoing coaching to operators and ultimately prevent accidents and ensure accuracy and fairness in the determination of accident liability.

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