Enterprise Fleet Maintenance For Connected Operations


Achieve a Truly Preventative Maintenance Program with an Integrated Solution that Prevents Downtime, Reduces Costs, and Extends Vehicle, Asset, and Equipment Life

A truly preventative maintenance program will provide you with real-time information by aggregating data from your operators, IoT telematics, remote engine diagnostics, and key processes such as our digitized driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) module. 

By providing 360-degree connectivity, automation, built-in alerts, and configurable dashboards, IntelliShift’s maintenance solution removes communication gaps and delays, allowing your maintenance teams to address issues the moment they arise 

With our end-to-end solution, you’ll reduce disruption and unnecessary costs to your business and, in turn, extend the life of your assets. 

Vehicle Service

Streamline your asset and vehicle maintenance to keep your fleet operational and productive 

Know what’s going on in real-time with your assets. Use our configurable dashboards and alerts to schedule repairs the moment an issue arises or routine maintenance is needed.
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