Optimized Routing

Improve the customer experience and grow your business with route optimization.

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Optimize Routing to Meet Customer Demand

Automating route planning across your entire fleet team saves countless hours and is a sure sign of customer service excellence. IntelliShift’s Route Optimization is an AI-based tool that drastically reduces the time spent on scheduling, planning, and delivering goods and services to your customers 

IntelliShift’s user-friendly route management module helps manage daily routes quickly and easily, taking traffic and delivery times into account. Input addresses to give your team optimized routes in seconds. Our technology integrates with your current CRM and allows your team to navigate using a GPS tool of choice, ultimately to reduce drive time and lower operational costs. 

Save Time

Prioritize the time your mobile workforce spends servicing customers with the ability to plan daily routes in seconds. Insert a single or a batch of addresses that return optimized driving routes that sync to schedules and provide turn-by-turn directions.  

Manage Mobile Workforce Productivity

Track progress and monitor the location of your entire mobile fleet from a single dashboard. Route changes adapt to your mobile team’s schedule and allow for custom check-ins and provide status when a location is visited.  

Maximize Profits

Determine the most cost-effective routes and includes factors such as the number of locations and all required stops. Spend less time driving and more time selling with reduced miles, fuel, and a streamlined number of fleet operators. 

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Learn how IntelliShift's AI-based routing module will increase productivity and reduce fuel spend without additional manual effort.

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