The Next-Generation, Connected Construction Fleet & Asset Management Solution

A holistic connected solution reduces tech spend and increases insight into your multi-purpose fleet operations.

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Harness Your Operational and Project Data to Gain Insight into the Cost of Each Job Site 

Your multi-purpose construction fleet and equipment are the driving force of your business but managing costs and individual job site spend can be a challenge without an integrated total fleet solution. You use them to haul materials and people, year-round 

IntelliShift is a total asset and fleet management solution that unifies your telematics data, people, and processes to deliver real-time insights about your total operations so you can improve the life of your high-value assets and gain a better understanding of your total spend on each job site.  

With IntelliShift, you’ll know the real-time location and health of your construction fleet and equipment as well as data about your workforce so you can make smarter decisions to manage costs and grow your business. 

A Connected Solution Ensures Project Success and Profitability 

Reduce IT Spend – As a total solution, IntelliShift combines both fleet telematics and asset tracking with compliance, safety, maintenance, fuel management, and routing.

Generate a Comprehensive Financial Model Per Project – Understand and proactively manage your per job site spend. 

Protect Heavy Equipment. Recover Stolen Assets – Gain real-time visibility into the location of your construction fleet and equipment. Use geofencing to prevent theft and unauthorized usage of high-value assets and alerts to recover them. 

Extend the Life of your Fleet and Assets  Understand the utilization of your assets. Automatically schedule preventative maintenance when an operator flags an issue to reduce fleet and equipment downtime and extend the total cost of ownership. 

Optimize the Dispatch of Assets – Verify the actual location and availability of your fleet and assets so you can move them to new job sites with confidence. 

Reduce Risk, Improve Compliance – Maintain total compliance with our solutions for ELD, hours of service, and digital inspections for vehicles, assets, job sites, and more. 

Cross-Functional Visibility Improves Communication and Processes – Various departments can view real-time data which allows for streamlined maintenance and billing, accurate job costing, and overall operationefficiency. 

Manage Fuel Costs – Regulate fuel usage, driver behaviors, and improper use of fuel cards. 

The Complete Guide to Optimizing Construction Operations

Learn the key steps to rising above the complexity and optimizing your construction operations.

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IntelliShift is a Total Solution to Manage your Multi-Purpose Construction Fleet and Equipment

IntelliShift is an innovative solution that addresses the inadequacies of out-of-the-box telematics solutions. Our next-generation operations intelligence platform is configurable to your organization’s specific needs and goals. Our award-winning customer support and account team partners with you to ensure success. 

Our Modular, Integrated Solutions Deliver Actionable Enterprise Operations Intelligence

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