Out-of-the-Box Telematics Solutions Are No Match for Larger Company Roadmaps
Thinking outside the box with telematics
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IntelliShift Team

Traditional telematics providers often tout the advantages of onesizefitsall products. It’s less complex and will simplify your processes, or You’ll be up and running in days” are two typical talking points. But the real benefit of the one-size-fits-all model is to the seller and not necessarily to the buyer.

By the sheer nature of their size and structure, large companies have more complicated business processes and strategic roadmaps. They often have numerous business units or operating groups, comprised of their own people, asset, and technology resources. They have their own data and analytical needs. This multi-dimensional paradigm simultaneously increases complexity and room for error. A onesizefitsall approach simply doesn’t work for the complex organization. 

For large companies already using the traditional out-of-the-box telematics and fleet management software, the conventional ROI has been exhausted. These companies have already realized the benefits of constantly knowing the whereabouts of their vehicles, assets, equipment, and mobile workforce and have gained insights into the health of their connected vehicles and assets. 

Intuitively, companies already understand how a single decision made by a driver can impact not just fuel costs but also vehicle maintenance, accounting, and customer satisfaction. Their current tech stack just doesn’t provide the insights they need. These companies seek new cross-functional insights to improve efficiency or profitability across the business. 

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This is where the disconnect occurs for them with current providers. 95% of telematics and fleet software companies are structured to address yesterday’s smallfleet problems. The result is in extensive industry churn and dissatisfaction as operations grow more complex. Companies are further frustrated by weak user experiences where the customer service is also one-size-fits-all. As such, every time their three-year contract comes up, they put out a new RFP. 

Unique in our approach to enterprise management, IntelliShift follows a prescriptive model where we tailor a solution to support each company’s goals and roadmap. To help define these goals, we bring together various stakeholders (fleet, safety, maintenance, compliance, finance, and operations etc.) to deliver a solution blueprint that aligns the client’s needs, initiatives, and strategic roadmap with a configured platform to address its current and future needs. Our focus is to unify and align all disciplines related to the company’s connected operations within our unique platform to help them optimally monetize assets, employees, data, safety protocols, and business processes. Only then can companies realize new untapped ROI. 

This strategic approach has resulted in extremely collaborative partnerships predicated on mutual expectation alignment. This promise is seen in IntelliShift’s resulting high platform adoption and negative customer churn rates. 

From automating and streamlining processes to understanding correlations between business processes and functions, decision-makers require a unified solution to improve the efficiency of their operations and achieve their strategic goals. IntelliShift is the innovative, client-configured platform that delivers a holistic view of assets, mobile workforce, and backoffice systems to help companies make insight-driven decisions to grow the business and achieve strategic goals. 

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