An Intelligent Fuel Management System for Connected Multi-Use Fleet Operations


Gain Visibility Into Fuel Consumption Patterns to Uncover Significant Saving Opportunities Across Your Assets

Fuel spend is one of the biggest challenges for fleet managers, and it is the second most expensive component of fleet management. And although you can’t control price fluctuations, with an integrated fuel management solution, you will be able to reduce costs by having data-driven insights to focus on what you can control. 

As an end-to-end solution, IntelliShift’s fleet fuel management system reduces fuel consumption by integrating your telematics data with fleet fuel cardsGet real-time alerts that quickly flag irregularities that may mean spend waste or abuse. By also using our driver safety module and our Fleet IQ business intelligence dashboard, you will instantly be able to visualize key fuel trend metrics, opportunities for fuel reduction, “fuel burning” driver behaviors, unauthorized fuel card use, and vehicle maintenance issues.  

Fuel Management System

Improve your fleet’s fuel economy and increase profitability using our robust fuel card integration solution.

An integrated fuel management system translates to reduced fuel consumption across your fleet. 

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