Vehicle Service

Extend vehicle, asset, and equipment life and improve profits with preventative maintenance and remote diagnostics.

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Preventative Maintenance Keeps Your Fleet Moving

Vehicle Service makes it easy to monitor and schedule oil changes inspections, registrations, and other routine maintenance needed to keep your assets running smoothly. Preventative, timely fleet maintenance pays enormous dividends by avoiding costly vehicle breakdowns or repairs to extend asset life. Automatic text and email alerts let you know when a vehicle is due for routine maintenance, helping to keep repair costs down and fleets operating at peak performance, maximizing your competitive edge.

Real-Time Issue Detection & Alerts

Detect engine issues early with advanced inspection report workflows, vehicle engine data, and diagnostic alerts. Instantly receive notifications when unexpected issues arise that need immediate attention.  

Schedule Maintenance Tasks

Stay on top of your fleet’s vehicle maintenance by scheduling oil changes, inspections, registrations, and other routine tasks in advance. Keep historical records and receive alerts via email or text message that remind drivers and fleet managers when vehicles are due for service. 

Prevent Wear & Tear

Even the smallest mechanical issues can disrupt your business and hurt your bottom line. Driver behaviors can cause wear on vehicle brakes, tires, belts, and mechanical problems. Receive real-time alerts to monitor and prevent service disruptions. 

Reduce Downtime

Ensure your vehicles, drivers, and assets are working to their fullest productivity potential. With IntelliShift’s robust suite of modular solutions, including preventative vehicle maintenance, optimized routing, and detailed driver behavior reporting, you’ll extend the life of your vehicles and optimize productivity.

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Learn how our maintenance module and real-time alerts can integrate with your telematics solution to keep your assets in service and extend the life of your multi-use fleet.

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A Suite of Products to Align Your Multi-Use Fleet Management Platform With Your Business Goals

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